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the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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On the Hsi-ning pien ch'ih, see Shen Chia-pen, Li-tai hsing-fa k'ao, 2:991-92.
Notably, the elucidative use of the historical appeal is retrospective, that is, the use of the appeal to the past for judging the present (yi-ku ch'ih chjin); while the evaluative use is prospective, that is, for the sake of determining the relevance of the past to the present (yi-chin ch'ih ku).
75) Here I use the generic term "shame" that has a number of specific terms in classical Chinese, hsiu, ju, and ch'ih.
Hoshin-affiliated operators offering the 3Com-based service include Chang Te, Lung Ch'ih, Wan Hsiang, Pao Fu, Lien Wei, Shuang Hsing, Hsin Shih Po and others.
2 (1955): 106-14, and "Sword Casting and Related Legends in China: The Transformation of Ch'ih Pi's Legend," East and West 6.