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French Post-impressionist painter who influenced modern art (especially cubism) by stressing the structural components latent in nature (1839-1906)


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Hardly any of these portraits were commissioned, for, like his mentor Cezanne, Modigliani was not concerned with the specifics of social status, character or precise appearance, but with a deeper humanity.
This major international exhibition, Cezanne Portraits, which opened in Paris, and is currently showing at the National Portrait Gallery London, before finally moving to Washington USA, has brought together for the first time over 50 of Cezanne's portraits from collections across the world, including some that have never been on public display in the UK.
For several years, I had a difficult time finding a hands-on lesson to teach Cezanne that my students could complete successfully.
La pintura de Denis ofrece una imagen condensada de la importancia atribuida a la pintura de Cezanne por el circulo de pintores ligados al simbolismo.
Heb fod ymhell o arddangosfa Cezanne, yr oedd College Bourbon, ble'r aeth Cezanne i'r ysgol.
Both Docebo and Cezanne provide international, configurable and scalable solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to manage and exceptionally cost-effective, whatever the size or location of the customers.
Cezanne enrolled in the Free Municipal School of Drawing in Aix-en-Provence, but his father pressured him to enter law school to focus on more "practical" pursuits.
Writing in April 1896, angry at "scoundrels who, for a fifty-franc article, have drawn the attention of the public to me," Cezanne complained, "All my life, I have worked to be able to earn my living, but I thought that one could paint well without attracting attention to one's private life.
Cezanne and His Card Players is the project's first fruit.
Summary: Climb Montagne Sainte-Victoire in picturesque Aix-en-Provence, which Cezanne is said to have painted close to 100 times, and learn, once again, that art and adventure are never quite apart.
UK author and illustrator Laurence Anholt's Cezanne and the Apple Boy (Barron's Educational Series, ISBN# 978-0764162824) offers educators a new tool to introduce students to the world of fine art.
A few weeks before the opening reception of his exhibit The Story of What Happens (August 26 - October 6, 2012) at devening projects + editions in Chicago, Rail Publisher Phong Bui paid a visit to the painter Gary Stephan's Canal Street loft/studio where they resumed their ongoing conversation about Cezanne, painting, and everything.
A PAINTING by Cezanne has been sold for pounds 158.
Paul Cezanne, hailed as the father of modern art, painted The Card Players in about 1893.
Aunque los pintores Jose Maria Velasco y Paul Cezanne compartieron la misma epoca, nada los une mas alla del paisaje.