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of or relating to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) or its people or culture


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62) The music dramas used Indian and Middle Eastern plotlines and actors from a range of ethnicities and nationalities, including Ceylonese, Indians, Arabs, Malays, Chinese and Eurasians.
The Ceylonese Femur and its Comparison with Indian and other Asian Femur.
The view of communist colonialism was presented by Ceylonese prime minister John Kotelawala, and shared by Iraq, Turkey, and the Philippines, all of whom had been supplied with British "guidance" on the subject.
Treglia sold lesser gems from the treasure to buy the finest, and largest, emeralds from Colombia--the Spanish connection still had its uses--to which he added two extremely rare stones that embellish the front of the mitre; a vibrant fire-red Ceylonese ruby known as the Lava of Vesuvius and an extraordinary tear-drop diamond with a 58-facet cut, one of the first diamonds ever to be worked in this way.
Chemical investigation of Ceylonese plants: A survey of plants of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) for alkaloids.
AN Anguttara-nikaya Be Burmese edition Ce Ceylonese edition D Derge edition DN Digha-nikaya EA Ekottarika-agama (T 125) Ee PTS edition G.
My landlady in Norfolk Square was happy to take in Ceylonese, but did not entertain Irish, so it wasn't just colour prejudice
Adding to the fun are Andy Karl as Mueller's Ceylonese brother, and musical-comedy veteran Gregg Edelman as the local reverend.
Thurai's writing imparts information deftly in a manner that assumes no prior familiarity with Ceylonese culture or history: ""There are plenty of other parasites in this country: people in positions of authority, who will resist change, who want power only for themselves.
The visit to the center of Ceylonese culture - Buddhist temples in Dambulla rock, and the queue of giant Budda statues in Polonnaruwa became ?
But to be more precise, it was not that I wanted to get up and dance like the Ceylonese on the screen; I was moved by the moving image on the screen (and the sound), but I didn't want to mimic the dancers' exact movements with my own.
No Ceylonese combat troops were deployed by the British after the Cocos Islands mutiny.
Later, discovering many biblical names among the Ceylonese, Sapir
i: (as in bean) e ee ie ea ae y i eo ei ey ui oe defreeze piecemeal faeces completability Timorese repeople preconceive Ceylonese Guianese synoekete (an insect that lives harmlessly with ants or other\ social insects)
The UAE squad will square up against 42nd IRB ranked Sri Lanka at Colombo's Ceylonese Rugby and Football Club on Saturday in what will be the new UAE Rugby association's first competitive match since the Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union (AGRFU) was disbanded at the end of last year.