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a member of the Bantu-speaking people of Malawi and eastern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe

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CEWA students in Nepal created sample greeting cards that were mailed and then photographed and emailed to student groups in the USA.
Turki Saud Mohammad Al Saud, Chairman of CEWA and Vice President for Research Institutes of KACST, HH Prince Mohamed Ben Khaled ben AlAbdullah AlFaisal, Chairman of AlFaisaliah Group and a group of top government officials.
By partnering with Intel on CEWA, KACST has positioned itself at the forefront of the development of wireless technology, networks and applications for the region.
In addition, CEWA is heavily geared toward research and development and offering managed services.
The CEWA initiative mirrors the three fundamental pillars of Intel's Digital Transformation Initiative -- that of fostering education, innovation and research, and will contribute to Intel's commitment to developing the skill sets of the region's future generations for the new knowledge economy.
With the American University of Beirut, Unicef, and the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon as leading partners, alongside many institutional and community partners (Embassy of Canada in Lebanon, UNDP, UNESCO, Injaz Lebanon, USAID, CEWAS, Difaf and more), Waterlution, the Canadian organization that has hosted this program in ten countries to date, focused in this Lebanese edition on addressing industrial, agricultural, and displaced communities' challenges along the Litani River.