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small genus of Old World ferns

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Of the four races that he will be competing, O'Shea fancies his chances aboard the Halford-trained Ceterach in the Dubai Gold Cup.
Ceterach, and virtually all other asplenioid segregate genera, have been shown by molecular phylogenetic analysis to be nested well within Asplenium itself (Schneider et al.
1 1 + Crepis albiaa 1, Polygala boissieri + y Ceterach oficinarum 1 en 1; Silene saxifraga + en 2; Jasione minuta + y Campanula velutina 1 en 4.
Drought- tolerant plants are best suited for tight crevices and these include thyme, sempervivums, sedums and many dwarf ferns like Asplenium trichomanes and Ceterach officinarum.
trichomanes, Ceterach officinarum, Chaenorhinum segoviense, Cystopteris fragilis, Iberis saxatilis, Melica minuta, Seseli montanum, Stipa lagascae, S.
Link (frequent in some localities), Phyllitis sagittata (DC) Guinea et Heywood (rare), Asplenium ceterach L.