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Synonyms for cesspit

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspit

a covered cistern

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There was no sewerage - it was all being dumped into cess pits and the rubbish also wasn't being properly disposed of.
Well, cess pits need to be cleaned out, and the BBC, rather than accepting grovelling apologies and brushing the matter under the carpet, should get on with the job.
Dr Webster says: "We hope to find a toilet or cess pit, because they are really interesting.
The food of old Glasgow was discovered when archaeologists examined a 600-year-old cess pit in digs in the city's east end.
Anew style of Home Internationals could one day translate into a truly unique tournament,which would go a long way to rescue the image of matches with England from the cess pit of the immediate past.
Acorn Cess Pit and Septic Tank Emptying, Old Llanharan Road, Pencoed
Now come September, will he be prepared to re-examine the whole issue of the fiscal cess pit that is Anglo Irish Bank?
How sad we have reached the bottom of the cess pit with Jordan, who has surely put women's rights of equality back 100 years.
Surnames in Europe have been around since the 12th century when people became known by their occupation - Forrester, Smith, Cooper and Cess Pit.
The waste travelled through a chute into a purpose built stone cess pit in the garden.