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the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

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Mullin estimated that 133-522 cesarean sections would have to be performed on nondiabetic women with EFW greater than 4,500 g to prevent one permanent brachial plexus injury Among diabetic women with EFW greater than 4,250 g, 100-393 cesareans would be performed to prevent one persistent brachial plexus injury.
These facts are presented by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) Cesarean Options committee with the hope that parents, labor assistants, childbirth educators, nurses, midwives, and doctors together can effectively reduce the rate of unnecessary cesarean sections and, consequently, their effects.
These included rates of episiotomy, chorioamnionitis, prolonged second stage of labor, successful vaginal birth after cesarean section, significant perinatal trauma, use of epidural anesthesia, low Apgar scores, and neonatal ICU admission.
Although the statistics are headed in the right direction, advocates hope to see cesarean sections at 15 percent by the year 2000 and the VBAC rate at well over 60 percent.
Planned cesarean section remained a substantially better method of delivery for the fetus," Dr.
Although it has been known for several years that elective cesarean sections effectively reduce HIV transmission to the infants of women with high viral loads, few data have supported the benefit of the procedure in mothers with low viral loads.
Although rarely, if ever, reported in the press, on informed consent forms, or discussed in doctors' offices, cesarean sections also have other, less quantitative effects on women and their families.
Smith found that children delivered by cesarean section of nulliparous mothers were 1.
Cesarean section may reduce the risk of pelvic floor surgery relating to the mode of delivery but it will not eliminate the risks associated with pregnancy itself.
Editor's note: These are the words of Deanne Williams, Executive Director and Mary Ann Shab, President of the American College of Nurse-Midwives in response to the preliminary data just released from the National Center for Health Statistics that show the 2001 cesarean section rate reached an all-time high of 24.
Cesarean sections can and do prevent most cases of neonatal herpes, Stone says, but adds, "The important thing is that there are other modes of transmission.
The report added that in the opinion of others, the increase is due to the fact that a number of hospitals and medical center owners encourage women to undergo Cesarean sections for financial gain.
C1/4The number of cesarean sections being performed in Yemen has increased significantly in recent yearsC[degrees].
According to several studies conducted in Iran, the rate of cesarean section in Iran is much higher than world standards, and a high number of cesarean sections are performed according to mothers' request, which requires greater educational planning to reduce primiparous mothers' demand for cesarean section.
There are lots of examples of why cesarean section rates change with a hospitalist in place, especially if you look at the correlation between cesarean sections and time of day.