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the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

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Effect of multiple repeat cesarean sections on maternal morbidity: data from southeast Turkey.
Keywords: Cesarean section, Indications, Rate of cesarean.
This traditional approach is being challenged now-a-days, although the safety of early feeding after cesarean section is still controversial.
Neonatal outcome following elective cesarean section beyond 37 weeks of gestation: a 7-year retrospective analysis of a national registry.
One source within the Al-Thawra Public Hospital in Sana'a, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that, "private hospitals, which on average charge patients more for the same operations, are prescribing cesarean sections to women who don't need them as a way of reaping higher profits.
Know the mothers' feelings about prior cesarean sections and why they matter
Guihard and Blondel suggested that different policies should be developed to stop the increasing rate of elective cesarean sections including increasing women's knowledge about the risks and complications of elective cesarean section, developing parturition room management system at the time of parturition and offering some incentives and encouragement in the national level (16).
The data included personal information such as age, parity, height, weight, occupation, income and exposure to risk factors like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, anemia, fetal presentation, number of previous cesarean sections, birth spacing, spontaneous or induced labor, infertility treatment, and maternal exercises during pregnancy.
However, as the number of vaginal deliveries after cesarean sections increased, the rate of uterine rupture increased as well.
Doctor's defense The mother was sufficiently informed about cesarean sections, and he handled the attempted vaginal delivery appropriately.
It is clear, based on the evidence compiled by the panel, that very little research exists on the risks associated with cesarean sections that are chosen by the mother rather than being medically necessary.
The outcomes measured were elective and emergency cesarean sections and women's overall childbirth experience.
Finally, there is the rising rate of cesarean sections.
Researchers with the Latin American Cesarean Section Study Group, including Population Council regional director Ana Langer, investigated whether instituting mandatory second opinions in hospital obstetric wards would reduce the rate of unnecessary cesarean sections.
Is PW justified in believing cesarean sections should be left to the patient's discretion?