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French composer and teacher who influenced a generation of composers (1822-1890)


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Once there, Cesar Franck (1822-1890) commenced harmony and counterpoint studies with Anton Reicha, the teacher of Berlioz, Liszt, and Gounod.
The Piano Quintet in F Minor by Cesar Franck was the focus of the pre-concert lecture.
Durant pres d'une heure et demie, l'organiste a orne le silence sacral de la basilique Notre- Dame d'Afrique de gammes melodiques, savamment interpretees dans le ton releve du mode majeur, reprenant de celebres pieces comme Alexandre Guilmant, Georg Friedrich Handel, Henri Purcell, Gabriel Faure, Cesar Franck, Max Reger, Leon Boellmann, Camille Saint Saens et Georges Bizet.
Tasmin Little and Martin Roscoe will perform a programme including Mozart, Faure, Ravel and Cesar Franck on Saturday.
And we may even include Schubert (in more tragic vein) and Cesar Franck, in combining anxiety with serenity.
Already I had planned, or "planned," a book on Cesar Franck.
La structure musicale du film organise ce temps singulier : elle croise personnages et situations qui ressuscitent des nouages de la tragedie grecque ; elle y ajoute un element fantastique majeur en confiant a la musique de Cesar Franck, une oeuvre pour piano, Prelude, Choral et Fugue, un veritable role de fantome.
Her recital will include works by Messiaen, Dupre, Cesar Franck, JS Bach and Parry and should showcase both her virtuosity and the breadth and majesty of the organ.
She is joined by Cedric Tiberghien, and they complete the disc with a rarity, the Sonata by the Belgian Guillaume Lekeu, who died at the age of 24, leaving us a work worthy of Cesar Franck.
Stove lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is currently writing a biography of Cesar Franck.
The pianist Francesca Leonardi, who plays on the previous two CDs is present here as well in three of the duo's favourite French pieces, the Cesar Franck and Maurice Ravel Sonatas for violin and piano and Ravel's brilliant Tzigane or Gypsy Song.
Cesar Franck is reported to have said of the Dix pieces pittoresques: "This music is a bridge between our own time and that of Couperin and Rameau.
In Marcel's writings, Maddux explores appearances of music, spirituality, melody, and humanism, and discussions of the works of Cesar Franck, the influence of music on philosopher Bergson, and St.
Mr David's contribution to the event will be to play Piece V by Cesar Franck in front of a crowd made up of peers, friends, family and the media.
A transfixing and deeply affecting organ prelude by Cesar Franck fades in and out, with the kind of ghostly spiritual effect reminiscent of Andrei Tarkovsky's use of Bach.