Cesar Chavez

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United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927)

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It serves the Cesar Chavez Continuing Education Center, which brings together hundreds of working-class students into the Barrio Logan community of San Diego every day.
The Cesar Chavez Lifetime Achievement Award, named after a Latino American civil rights activist, is one of many ways that Cesar Chavez is honored for his commitment to the community.
Ward has already beaten Froch convincingly so the most logical looks to be the very beatable Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, who is 6-4 with Ladbrokes to be Froch's next opponent.
Hasta hoy, Cesar Chavez no habia contado con un medio de proyeccion masiva.
The Forty Acres is about two miles from where Cesar Chavez began his movement: The house where he lived with his family, the Filipino Hall where he announced his first fast, Delano High School where the farmworkers got support from Sen.
With great certainty of mind and a singular devotion, Chavez took a stance that never wavered for the rest of his life; Cesar Chavez peacefully waged war on the powerful produce industry that kept his people in poverty and insecurity, and he won.
Last Year, Obama declared March 31 to be Cesar Chavez Day, and said it should serve as an opportunity for Americans to 'observe this day with appropriate service, community and education programmes' in honour of his legacy.
Cesar Chavez became the best known Latino American civil rights activist as his public-relations approach to unionism and aggressive but (http://en.
Julito" como le llama su padre, el ex campeon del mundo de los pesos medios Julio Cesar Chavez, proviene de una legion de boxeadores cuyos antecesores les mostraron el camino de los reflectores, de la fama y el dinero; mas alla de acercarlos a la grandeza a traves de la disciplina y la constancia.
This book is primarily a tribute by the author to Cesar Chavez, a larger than life activist who fought for the rights of the migrant population in the United States.
200 West Cesar Chavez rate, quote and issue new policies
Excerpts from Peter Matthiessen's Sal Si Puedes: Cesar Chavez and the New American Revolution and John Gregory Dunne's Delano: The Story of the California Grape Strike are included.
In such heated times, Cesar Chavez believed, "the truest act of courage, the strongest act of manliness, is to sacrifice ourselves for others in a totally nonviolent struggle for justice.
RICHARD RODRIGUEZ WRONGLY concludes that Cesar Chavez "died .