Cesar Chavez

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United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927)

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The greatest tribute to Cesar Chavez is the thousands of young people who walk to show their commitment to continuing his legacy," Rodriguez said in a statement.
Diplomat Prouty makes good use of newly-discovered materials from the archives of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and exposes the debates that flared before the Church announced its support for Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers at the later strike over the lettuce fields.
Huerta visited Cesar Chavez Elementary School in Eugene, named for the man with whom she founded a groundbreaking labor union and sparked the Latino civil rights movement.
The governor said, "Last year, I was proud to sign legislation that established the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning, in honor of Cesar Chavez, who fought tirelessly for social, change.
He intends to ask them whether the Republican-anointed heir to Cesar Chavez is promising to join their next national boycott.
I have known Cesar Chavez since that exceptionally hot San Joaquin Valley day in September 1965 when he and his first small band of supporters began their table-grape strike in Delano, Calif.
I consider training a part of our employees benefit program, said Alfonso Trujillo, director of property management for the Cesar Chavez Foundation.
I know he's known as Chavez Junior but after tonight he is just Cesar Chavez in my eyes.
1) Aztec dancers make their way down Cesar Chavez Avenue on Sunday in a parade to kick off Mexican Independence Day festivities.
Three weeks into the new school year, it's safe to say every student at Cesar Chavez Elementary School knows something about the legacy of the esteemed Mexican American labor-rights leader for whom their school is named.
In our Pavilion, the Festival Bellas Artes de Cesar Chavez, is a month-long celebration of Cesar Chavez' legacy and his love of the arts, highlighting the Sounds of Cesar Chavez' Music Library--A Special Big Band "Double-Play" featuring a concert by one of Cesar's favorite groups--The Glenn Miller Orchestra, at the MHP Theatre April 7, followed by the contemporary Latino big band Tito Garcia y Su Orquesta Internacional on Saturday, April 8.
JULIO Cesar Chavez Jr believes working with Freddie Roach will help him defeat Ireland's John Duddy in their June 26 Alamadome hosted WBC world title eliminator.
SAN FERNANDO - Led by dancers dressed in elaborate Aztec garb, thousands of marchers on Sunday paraded past a mural of the late labor activist and civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, whose legacy has been honored over the last week in a number of events.
CORRECTION (ran 3/12/04): Supporters of the name Cesar Chavez Elementary School chanted "Si se puede