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Synonyms for cesarian

the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

relating to abdominal delivery

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Mientras no se colmen estas lagunas documentales, la obra de Catalan Deus constituye hoy por hoy una valida aproximacion a la figura de Cesar, tal vez una de las personalidades mas turbadoras del Renacimiento.
This Cesar of 1997 (evident in the incidents on the racquet ball court, at the birthday party, and in Sofia's apartment) personifies a conception of the self corresponding to almost all the traits of the liberal humanist subject:
Mars Petcare, with 29 facilities nationwide, makes Pedigree and Cesar brands for dogs, Whiskas and Sheba brands for cats and the Good Life Recipe brand.
Cesar Montelongo was ten years old when his family came to the United States from Mexico.
The Ombudsman said that 'without the imprimatur of Reynor,' Cesar would not have been able to claim his travel allowance.
Y, como siempre, somos muy Cesar y Jorge, sobre todo en nuestros espectaculos.
Later, Bryan Singer approached Cesar and told him that he was a producer in Hollywood and that he could help Cesar get into acting as long as Cesar never said anything about the incident," the three claim document adds.
Prior to joining RKF, Cesar led JLL's retail department in Brazil, where he spearheaded tenant representation, agency leasing, market studies and capital markets activities.
Cesar was one of seven Olympic athletes from Cameroon who fled the London 2012 Games to seek asylum.
Cesar revealed Robin texted him as soon as the latter learned about it.
Julio Cesar estudio un ano en la Normal de Teneria y en un baile conocio a Marissa Mendoza, estudiante de otra escuela Normal.
Le Cesar de la meilleure musique originale a ete attribue au jeune artiste tunisien Amine Bouhafa age tout juste de 28 ans.
When Kurzweil decides to look into what became of the real Cesar, he discovers that he's in federal prison for his part in a bizarre international swindling scheme.
El periodo mediante entre el ano 44, el de la muerte de Julio Cesar, y el de la proclamacion de Cesar (Octavio) como Augusto por el senado, en el mes de enero del ano 27 (2), es posiblemente uno de los mejor estudiados de la historia de Roma.
Cesar Millan is the recent victim of a death hoax that has circulated online.