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According to Di Stefano and Petronio (2003) the Late Miocene Cervocerus novorossiae is the most primitive member of the Cervinae and also identified Early/Middle Pliocene Cervus magnus from Eurasia, but such type of studies were not conducted yet for subcontinent India including Pakistan, from where the fossils described here were collected.
Multivariate analysis did not reveal an expressive separation between the releves (Cypero badii-Menthetum cervinae and catenal contacts), probably because all the surveyed phytocenoses were classified in the Isoeto-Nanojuncetea class.
Zwackhiomyces cervinae, a new lichenicolous fungus (Xanthopyreniaceae) on Acarospora, with a key to the known species of the genus.
En el primero se analizo la region de control (CR) del ADN mitocondrial, tambien conocida como D-loop, en seis especies de Cervidae, representantes de las subfamilias Cervinae (Cervus elaphus, 2 individuos; Cervus nippon, 1 y Dama dama, 1), Hydropotinae (Hydropotes inermis, 1) y Odocoileinae (tribu Odocoileini: Odocoileus virginianus, 1; Odocoileus hemionus, 1 y Mazama americana, 1; tribu Capreolini: Capreolus capreolus, 1 y Capreolus pygargus, 1).