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As in Europe there are no gazelles, in European Hebrew sources from recent centuries, especially from Eastern Europe, the name tzvi was applied to the roebuck, a slender member of the family Cervidae.
Idaho code, 25-3705A(3) reads, "Any domestic cervidae [members of the deer family--deer, elk, moose], that have escaped the control of the owner .
In all, there are four DVDs and over six hours of video footage giving you everything you'll ever need to know about North America's largest member of the cervidae family: moose characteristics, subspecies and sizes, habitat, and a full treatment of the moose rut.
Taxonomy of Venezuelan white-tailed deer (Odocoileus, Cervidae, Mammalia), based on cranial and mandibular traits.
The hazard that this virus infection could pose to the local and national Cervidae populations remains unknown, but it is noteworthy that M.
ABSTRACT: The deer ked (Lipoptena cervi) is an Old World dipteran ectoparasite of moose (Alces alces) and other Cervidae.
And he was peering up at me with a Cervidae curiosity that instantly turned to alarmed recognition as our eyes met and locked.
For example, positive reaction to deer antiserum may occur with any member of the family Cervidae.
Estimating forest canopy effects on summer thermal cover for Cervidae (deer family).
Polydactylism has been observed in Cricetidae (Price, 1969), Muridae (Brown, 1996), Leporidae (Murie, 1934), Sciuridae (Dunaway, 1969), Cynocephalidae (Shute and Bellaire, 1955), and Cervidae (Daniel and Kershaw, 1964; Miller and Cawley, 1970; Stone et al.
Cervidae and Bovidae are more numerous, though species-specific identifications are hampered by the fragmentary nature of the bones and the absence of horn cores and other highly-diagnostic elements.
Phillips (R-Northumberland/Snyder), amends Title 3 (Agriculture) under the PA Consolidated Statutes, pertaining to cervidae (elk and deer) livestock farms.