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One patient who suffered from cervical intervertebral disc calcification in the cervical vertebrae and one patient having endocrine disorder due to cystic fibrosis were excluded from the study.
Rainey BJ et al28 determine the reliability and reproducibility of Cervical Vertebrae Maturation (CVM) stages assessment amongst orthodontists in training and specialist orthodontists, looking at a sample of consecutive lateral cephalograms taken at Liverpool University Dental Hospital.
Why or how could localized points on cervical vertebrae be related to positions of the lumbar vertebra?
Metriorhynchids have five post-axial cervical vertebrae (Fraas, 1902; Andrews, 1913; Steel, 1973).
Correlation of skeletal maturation stages determined by cervical vertebrae and hand-wrist evaluations.
Through the scientific studies in the Egyptian environment and within science researcher, it was observed that most of the studies on spinal injuries especially cervical vertebrae focused on the causes of infection and how to treat them and put some exercise qualifying them, as noted researcher lack and scarcity of studies that dealt with injuries cervical vertebrae after surgical intervention especially for women, and reviewing the researcher to doctors some spine surgery hospitals found through personal interview that there are a large number of cases of disease carried them
Medical examinations revealed that he had spinal cord tumor in four cervical vertebrae, a serious medical condition that requires immediate surgical intervention and opening of the spinal cord to remove the tumor.
Evaluation of mandibular length in subjects with Class I and Class II skeletal patterns using the cervical vertebrae maturation.
Because dorsal MRI showed cervical vertebrae fractures (Figure 2) and the cranial mass had mass effect on the brain parenchyma and also it grew up externally, we consulted neurosurgeons for debulking surgery which would increase the efficacy of RAI therapy.
earned the CE mark for its Integra smart cervical solution, a device approved in the European Union for treating degenerative diseases of the cervical spine that require stabilization and fusion of two or more cervical vertebrae.
Medical technology company Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation (NasdaqGS:IART) revealed on Wednesday the receipt of the European CE Mark for its Integra Smart Cervical Solution in the European Union for treating degenerative diseases of the cervical spine that require stabilisation and fusion of two or more cervical vertebrae.
Four patients who had vertebral artery injury had fractures of the upper cervical vertebrae, i.
Cervical vertebrae were involved in 16 patients making 20% of the whole while lumbar in only 7 cases (8%) {Table 1}.
The human spine consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 dorsal vertebrae and 5 crucial vertebrae as well as the sacrum and the coccyx.
Diaz, testified earlier that the bullet that took her life entered the right side of her neck and exited the left, lacerating her right internal jugular vein, fracturing two of her cervical vertebrae, and causing injury to her brain because of a lack of oxygen.
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