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Then we inserted a cylindrical titanium cage filled with bone- replacement material in place of the third cervical vertebrae," Dr Srivastava added.
Risk factors for vertebral artery injury include facet joint dislocations and fractures of the vertebral bodies of the 1st - 3rd cervical vertebrae.
The team also found that the owl's vertebral artery enters the neck higher up than in other birds - going in at the owl's 12th cervical vertebrae instead of the owl's 14th cervical vertebrae - allowing for more vessel room and slack.
Nerve compression by the spinal bones of the neck often due to osteoarthritis (OA) or spondylitis of the cervical vertebrae.
org or call 01443 233 514 THE HIGH RISKS OF A C3 FRACTURE THE cervical vertebrae are the bones that make up the neck area of the body.
Bony outgrowths from cervical vertebrae are commonly seen in the elderly, and they are usually asymptomatic.
Type 1 is described as extensive fusion of all cervical vertebrae and upper thoracic vertebrae.
Klippel-Feil syndrome (KFS) is a congenital fusion of the cervical vertebrae that may involve two segments: a congenital block vertebra, or the entire cervical spine.
The latest reports said Princess Stephanie was suffering from lesions to the cervical vertebrae.
At that time, we recovered a radius, clavicle, scapula and some cervical vertebrae.
Each about 4 centimeters long, the neck bones represent the fourth, fifth, and sixth cervical vertebrae of a pterosaur that would have had nine such bones.
The athlete was then ambulanced to a local hospital to rule out such injuries as cervical vertebrae fracture or dislocation, cervical spine injuries, and other possible catastrophic injuries.
This leads to sprained or even torn ligaments, strained muscles and sometimes a partial dislocation of one or more of the small joints between cervical vertebrae.
He suffered a burst fracture to his cervical vertebrae, known as "a hangman's break".
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