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abnormal development (of organs or cells) or an abnormal structure resulting from such growth

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Given the reported high rates of regression of mild and moderate cervical dysplasia and the risks posed by possibly unnecessary procedures performed after inadequate colposcopic examination, a trend toward less aggressive therapy and watchful waiting may be appropriate but should be investigated in a controlled clinical trial.
Cervical dysplasia caused by HPV is a precancerous disease that affects nearly two million American women every year and costs $6 billion to diagnose and surgically treat in the United States alone.
The databook offers a preliminary coverage of disease clinical trials by their phase, trial status, prominence of the sponsors and also provides briefing pertaining to the number of trials for the key drugs for treating Cervical Dysplasia.
In a multivariate logistic regression analysis, removal of normal ovaries was more likely in women closer to menopause (ages 46-50) than younger women, in those who underwent abdominal relative to vaginal hysterectomy, in those with other pathology such as endometriosis or cervical dysplasia relative to no pathology, and in those with a family history of cancer, Dr.
Quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine may not protect a significant percentage of women against squamous intraepithelial lesions and other cervical dysplasias, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
Readers can refer to the cervical dysplasia chapter in my book, Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (2008 edition) or the cervical dysplasia chapter in the Textbook of Natural Medicine (4th edition) for natural medicine research and protocols, and indications for natural medicine treatments vs.
22 October 2010 - US biotechnology company Advaxis Inc (OTC: ADXS) said yesterday it has completed recruitment of the first 11 patients in its US cervical dysplasia (CIN) Phase II study of ADXS11-001 as required for the planned DMSB (safety board) meeting scheduled to be held 11 January 2011.
But fewer were aware of recent evidence that most HPV infections clear without medical intervention (35%), that anogenital warts do not increase the risk of cancer at the same site where the warts are located (38%), and that the HPV types associated with warts are not the same as the types associated with cervical dysplasia (47%).
Cryotherapy is an effective, affordable, and safe treatment for cervical dysplasia.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 1, 2012-Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc receives US patent protection for synthetic vaccine for cervical dysplasia and cancer(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The guidelines are based on the best available information about human papillomavirus (HPV), cervical dysplasia, and cervical cancer in women of varying age groups.
Overall, CIN 2,3 was present in 35% of adolescent patients referred to colposcopy for cervical dysplasia.
We must not lose sight of the fact that physicians are trying to prevent invasive cervical cancer, and not high-grade cervical dysplasia.
The third most common indication for trachelectomy (after prolapse or pelvic mass) was cervical dysplasia or cancer.
While I congratulate those who have developed a vaccine that is very effective in preventing the development of cervical dysplasia by human papillomavirus strain 16--purely because of the work and expertise involved--I can't help but think that we are winning the battle but losing the war ("Experimental Vaccine Prevents HPV 16-Associated Cervical Ca," December 2004, p.