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Spanish writer best remembered for 'Don Quixote' which satirizes chivalry and influenced the development of the novel form (1547-1616)

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To this day, visitors can view the exhibit in Instituto Cervantes London, Manchester, New York, Chicago and Dublin.
READ: Cervantes Corporation's neighbour Ora Gold reveals high-grade copper and silver results
After two wins in the four-team round robin, they didn't get their chance at a sweep because William Cervantes suffered a concussion in Saturday's match.
Jose Manuel Cervantes, of the 100 block of Golfview Lane, Carpentersville, also is charged with felony armed violence, four counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a firearm by a gang member, according to police and Kane County court records.
Instituto Cervantes, the cultural arm of the Spanish Embassy in the Philippines, will lead the celebration of Dia del Libro (International Book Day) coinciding with the commemoration of two of history's greatest writers - Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.
For Dia del Libro or International Book Day on April 27 at the Ayala Triangle in Makati, Instituto Cervantes Manila will hold a poetry recitation of 'Mi ultimo adios' to pay tribute to Philippine patriot and writer Jose Rizal.
FILE - El Autor film CAIRO - 31 March 2019: The Spanish Cultural Centre in Egypt (Instituto Cervantes) is hosting Spanish director Juan Manuel Cuenca to present his film "El autor" or "The Author" in the presence of Egyptian writer Khaled al-Khamisi in Zawya Cinema.
In Neo-Stoicism and Skepticism in Part One of Don Quijote: Removing the Authority of a Genre, Daniel Lorca explores the polemic spearheaded by Martin de Riquer and Americo Castro in regards to Cervantes's prefatory assertion that the purpose of Don Quijote was to undermine the authority of romances of chivalry.
The Fall 2018 issue of Cervantes begins with four essays that center on Don Quixote.
Apart from being a literary genius, Cervantes was a military man too.
Don Quijote de la Mancha (1605/1615) by Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616) is a text steeped in the thinking of the School of Salamanca.
The confidential plaintiff was a contract worker performing track maintenance at sites throughout the country, according to a submission from the plaintiffs attorney, Leonard Cervantes. The plaintiffs first heart attack happened after he had returned to his hotel at the end of a workday.
Exemplary Novels contains twelve of Cervantes's novellas that span across most of the author's career, newly translated by Edith Grossman.