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a specialist in the study of nutrition

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Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism: Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Disease" by clinical master herbalist and certified nutritionist Donald R.
Michael Wald, nicknamed the Blood Detective for his advanced clinical abilities and technological developments, holds degrees as a double-board certified nutritionist, a Certified Dietician-Nutritionist, a Certified Nutritional Specialist and is a doctor of chiropractic and earned his medical degree (MD) for educational purposes from the University of Health Sciences School of Medicine, Antigua.
Deepa Almeida, certified nutritionist at CEDARS - Jebel Ali International Hospital in Dubai, told Gulf News that the body needs time to readjust to normal eating patterns after a fasting phase.
Joya Ferniene, a personal trainer at Atlantis who is also a certified nutritionist, says that instead of people striving for perfect bodies, she would like to see people adopt healthy lifestyle habits, such as walking and bicycling to work -- though she acknowledges that this is nearly impossible with Lebanon's torn-up streets and largely unregulated traffic.
Representatives from the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society, as well as a registered nurse, chiropractor and certified nutritionist were on hand at the event to speak one-on-one with employees about their individual health concerns and to explain screening results.
Terri Williams, certified nutritionist with Evergreen Nutrition, will talk about "Nutrition & Supplements for Osteoporosis/Osteopenia" during the National Osteoporosis Foundation support group.
Diet soda is filled with chemicals that spike insulin and cause sugar cravings," says certified nutritionist Shellee Dyne.
Naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist Cathy Wong adds that when it comes to the beauty of your skin, what you put in your mouth plays a critical role.
Leanne Ely is a syndicated newspaper columnist, a certified nutritionist and the host of a website, SavingDinner.
featuring chiropractors Jeremy Casagrande and Dan Massari; certified nutritionist and homeopathy expert Wallace Sconiers; Mary Burnham, reflexology; Volodar Kyzyk, acupuncture and oriental medicine; and women's health at 11:15 a.
Consulting with a certified nutritionist can help you determine the best ways to incorporate adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients into your daily eating.
Jason Boehm: Board Certified Nutrition Specialist with a Master's degree in nutrition; Certified Nutritionist through American Health Science University; widely published nutritional writer; loves using Limoneira lemons as a delicious source of energy
According to its staff, Jenny Dacho, a certified nutritionist will suggest and recommend, over the phone, the type of meal plan appropriate for your age, height, weight, and activities.
Rosewood Jeddah also arranged for participants to receive a complimentary medical checkup and talk by a certified nutritionist on the importance of good eating habits and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Certified nutritionist, health and fitness instructor and personal trainer help you develop lifetime habits to meet your goals.
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