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an indication of approved or superior status

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The certification mark ensures that software products have been tested and will work in predictable ways within the overall architecture of the EPC Network.
CSA International has a zero tolerance policy towards counterfeiting CSA's product certification marks and works closely with regulators, government, law enforcement and stakeholders to identify and stop the proliferation of such products," says R.
A CSA International certification mark with the indicator "US" or "NRTL" means that the product is certified for the U.
The introduction of the certification mark is part of an ambitious new program to build awareness for the Ultrasuede brand among consumers as well as in each of TUA's key client industries.
The company saw a 2% increase in certification mark images served from November 14 to November 21, followed by a 22% increase the following week.
A recent Associated Press article reported that Emeril's Louisiana Shrimp carrying the Wild American shrimp certification mark failed to reflect high quality standards.
Although it confidently expected a sales increase from having the world's most popular security certification mark prominently visible on its web site, the Northern California retailer was still surprised at the results.
The HACKER SAFE certification mark appears only when a web site's current security status meets the highest published government standards.
With an aggressive sales strategy, it won't be long before Japanese consumers begin seeing kanji-scripted HACKER SAFE certification marks on their favorite ecommerce sites.
Seeing a HACKER SAFE certification mark tells online consumers that sites where they are shopping are protecting their personal data from hackers," noted ScanAlert VP of Engineering Ben Tyler.
Through its Holiday Safety Campaign, CSA is helping to raise awareness of its certification mark, while at the same time educating the public about potential holiday hazards and providing insight into how to safeguard homes, family and friends during this festive time of year.
4 percent in number of sales after visitors saw ScanAlert's HACKER SAFE certification mark.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers concerned about the quality and purity of vitamins and other dietary supplements can now look for the United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) new DSVP certification mark on product packaging.
Through a unique cooperative agreement with NSF International, ITS laboratories offer two well-known certification marks--the ETL Listed Mark for Product Safety and the NSF Certification Mark for Sanitation.
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