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A person who buys a digital signature from a certification authority receives a cryptographic secure device (like e-token or smart card).
Compliance with the WebTrust for Certification Authorities standards confirms that the certification authority maintains controls to provide reasonable assurance on a number of defined important public key infrastructure (PKI) criteria.
is a subsidiary of Zions First National Bank and is the first licensed Certification Authority in the U.
Department of Defense (DoD) to issue digital certificates to DoD trading partners under the DoD's Interim External Certification Authority (IECA) program.
is an established, trusted Certification Authority -- a company that facilitates message encryption by managing security credentials and public keys.
com, the world's leading online skills certification authority, will provide FedSources with its online sales skills certification test that will be required to earn the certification.
Since that time, the W3C has led the technical development and evolution of VoiceXML, while the VoiceXML Forum has served as an educational and technical resource, a developer certification authority and a contributor and liaison to the W3C.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- CitX Corporation, through Baltimore Technologies (London: BLM), a global leader in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based cryptographic solutions, today announces it will build and operate a Certification Authority (CA) facility to securely create, manage and authenticate digital signatures and identity credentials on behalf of individuals and entities involved in Healthcare and Internet e-Commerce.
Axalto (EURONEXT:AXL)(EURONEXT:NL0000400653), the world's leader in microprocessor cards, and ChamberSign France, the certification authority for French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI), have announced a partnership aimed at providing an e-services solution secured by Axalto smart cards.
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