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an emotional response that has been acquired by conditioning

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Quite often, and increasingly, many manufacturers maintain their files to a certain extent but are finding out that their CERs fail to hold up under more intense inspection as they are either out of date or not up to the required standard of increasingly taxing NB evaluations, leaving manufacturers feeling confused.
The other five registered CDM projects were undergoing final verification checks before receiving their CERs, he said, adding the five were expected to generate 198,738 CERs annually.
The CERs in this auction represent registered CDM projects in Israel, South Africa and South Korea.
The Annex I Party buying the CERs can use them to set off against its reduction targets.
Revenues for the first half were EUR841,000, including the first principal sale of CERs on the spot market.
The total gross income to Blue Sphere over the 21 year life of the project based on 135,000 CER's per year is estimated by management at $18 MM USD, calculated at current and escalating CER prices.
Due to the increasing issuance of CERs from projects around the world, EcoSecurities is well positioned to participate as a principal in the secondary trading of CERs from project developers.
The Group has (i) built upon its post-2012 CDM portfolio, (ii) entered the voluntary market and began to contract US and international VERs, and (iii) acquired [1] million CERs in the secondary market, all of which are in addition to building the core CDM portfolio to 178 million CERs.
Mike Butler, Border Force senior o cer at Coventry, said: "Drug smugglers use a variety of methods to attempt to evade our border controls but our o cers are trained to expect the unexpected.
In May, o cers found the biggest cannabis factory in the city's history, seizing PS1.
The supplier should ensure that the CERs purchased by UNISDR are not sold to anyone else by retiring them from
Additionally, many of the barriers to trading CERs that currently exist in the market, such as the requirement for buyers to become project participants in order to take delivery of the CERs, are eliminated when using the CantorCO2e auction.
The total gross Certified Emission Reduction ("CER") portfolio grew by 26 million tonnes to 156 million CERs at 31 December 2006.
2005, CERS now holds the exclusive right to the INTERCEPT Blood System for all three commonly transfused components (platelets, plasma, and red blood cells).
Assuming no further action is taken, CERS funded ratio will remain below 70% for the foreseeable future.