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The clinical significance of intracranial hypertension is that it can disrupt blood flow to the brain tissue and compress vital structures leading to cerebral herniation and death.
19) Finally Pia and Tonnis described the growing skull fracture of childhood to include patients with cysts or cerebral herniation in the fracture.
A computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging performed the next morning showed blood clots in the brain, with complete occlusion of the superior sagittal sinus vein, and cerebral herniation.
1,2) Allergic reactions to alteplase include anaphylactic reaction, laryngeal edema, orolingual angioedema, rash, uticaria, cerebral edema, cerebral herniation, and seizures.
Neurologic imaging indicated findings consistent with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which expanded rapidly in the 48 hours after admission, leading to cerebral herniation and death.
When clinical diagnosis of ABM is suspected, the common practice, in a high-income setting especially, is to do a computed tomography (CT) brain scan to exclude raised intracranial pressure (ICP) and cerebral herniation, especially in older children in whom fontanels are closed.
Complications includes; Neurological deficits, Seizures Hydrocephalus, Spasticity, Urinary complications ,Deep venous thrombosis (DVT),Pulmonary emboli, Cerebral herniation, Loss of cognitive function, Loss of movement of arm(s) or leg(s),dysphagia, dysphasia, vision loss etc.
2004) found that S100B is sensitive and predictive for forecasting a malignant course in acute stroke heralded by cerebral herniation.
Blood ammonia levels above 200 mcg/dL are associated with cerebral herniation.