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Location of Tuberculomas Location Number Percentage % (n = 34) Cerebral hemispheres 30 88.
Neurosurgical management of low-grade astrocytoma of the cerebral hemispheres.
The main purpose of this study was to determine the difference in the frequency of MCA ischemic strokes between left and right cerebral hemispheres in the adult patients admitted to our hospital.
The result of all this is that: 1) the visual display evokes the intent to move; 2) that intention generates neural activity (possibly incoordinated) descending from the higher CNS through cortico-spinal pathways to the muscles; 3) that activity generates a corollary discharge or efference copy of the descending command that is routed back up to areas of the brain associated with learning and coordination; 4) a short time later, a movement occurs that roughly approximates an unimpaired, properly-coordinated response; 5) that movement generates sensory neural activity that ascends the cortico-spinal pathways back up to the cerebral hemispheres, where 6) it may be compared with the efference copy of the command.
The right cerebral hemisphere commands the muscular contractions of the left side of the body and vice-versa.
Primary motor cortex area of one of the cerebral hemispheres includes cortical nerve centers which controls all muscles or muscle groups belonging to contralateral side of the body.
Sernas, then a customs official and now a Calvinist priest (in a wheelchair following injuries received on July 31, 1991), had perforating wounds from Soviet bullets in both cerebral hemispheres of the brain.
Brain MRI revealed multiple tuberculomata in both cerebral hemispheres, cerebellum, left half of medulla and pons.
A case report of a 56-year-old patient with diffuse abnormality in the deep white matter of both cerebral hemispheres suggested a rapidly progressive leukoencephalopathy that was likely precipitated by khat use.
The corpus callosum is the main transverse tract of fibers that connects the two cerebral hemispheres [3].
Dementia is a progressive deterioration of intellect, behaviour and personality as a consequence of diffuse disease of the cerebral hemispheres.
It was as if two separate brains - the two cerebral hemispheres - were looking at different halves of visual space," added Miller.
MRI of the brain showed multiple ring-enhancing lesions located in both cerebral hemispheres.
Bogen, decided to treat intractable multifocal epilepsy by cutting the main fibre tracts linking the two cerebral hemispheres, with the primary intent of preventing the development of full-blown seizures.