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Synonyms for cerebral

relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

Synonyms for cerebral

involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct



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The Artery of Percheron is a very rare variant of the posterior cerebral circulation where a single arterial trunk supplies blood to the paramedian thalami and the rostral midbrain bilaterally.
and place patients at risk of significant encephalopathy from host response reactions to dying microfilariae in the cerebral circulation and cerebrospinal fluid with resulting meningoencephalitis, cerebral edema, cerebral infarcts, and coma.
This is usually insufficient when a large artery responsible for anterior cerebral circulation is blocked, however, in which case the addition of ET can be decisive.
The abnormal signals in bilateral hemisphere almost disappeared after 7 days of cerebral circulation ameliorating and serum electrolyte turbulence correcting therapy whereas the symmetric abnormal signals in bilateral caudate nucleus and putamen still existed.
Harrington et al21 noted that fetal Doppler indices in particular ratios that include measurements obtained from the cerebral circulation help in the recognition of the small fetus that is growth-retarded.
Stroke: A Journal of Cerebral Circulation, 28(3), 660-664.
The topics include interoception and autonomic nervous system reflexes thermo-regulation, the role of the autonomic nervous system in cardiac arrhythmias, autonomic nervous system control of the cerebral circulation, the central sympathetic nervous system in hypertension, and heart rate variability.
Impairment of cerebral circulation leads to cerebral anoxia and loss of neuronal function.
Many previously conducted studies that have dealt with the measurement of blood vessels in the Willis circle showed that there is disagreement among researchers what may be declared hypoplastic blood vessel, which is extremely important in clinical practice in order to evaluate the status of cerebral circulation in case of certain neurosurgical procedures.
The models of ischemia in rats replicate well the lesions described in humans, given their anatomical and hemodynamic similarities in cerebral circulation.
In a number of papers it is noted that the incidence of epilepsy is high in transitory impairments of cerebral circulation (8.
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