circle of Willis

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a ring of arteries at the base of the brain

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In Mexico there are two previous studies that describe anatomical variants of the cerebral arterial circle, one in cadavers and another with MRA (Monroy-Sosa et al.
There was no significant association with any variant of the AComA and any other anatomical variant in the anterior circulation of the cerebral arterial circle in the same patient.
The presence of anatomic variants characterized by the lack of collateral circulation increase the risk of ischemic events and a correlation between some anatomical variants of the cerebral arterial circle and the development of aneurysms lias been established (Dimmick & Faulder; Li et al.
SUMMARY: The conformation of the cerebral arterial circle has relevance in the clinical neurosurgery for the complex relate that present the arteries that originate it and its great variability.
Variability of the components is observed that they constitute the cerebral arterial circle when is considered: side, sex and cephalic index