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roentgenographic examination of blood vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium

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In 1982, Aaslid and colleagues described the ability to measure (by Doppler effect) the flow velocities of the basal cerebral arteries through the thin areas of the temporal and occipital bones, as an alternative to cerebral angiography for the assessment of vasospasm after SAH.
sup][1] However, they had normal cerebral angiography.
If this is the case, cerebral angiography should be performed for confirming the diagnosis and establishing an intervention strategy.
If MR and CT venography proves equivocal, cerebral angiography may be considered.
Keywords: Cerebral angiography, Sub-arachnoid haemorrhage, Non-subarachnoid haemorrhage.
In 15 patients undergoing robot-assisted diagnostic catheter cerebral angiography, Lu et al reported accurate catheter placements with a decrease in operational time and an absence of operator radiation exposure.
Saltzman, "Patent primitive trigeminal artery studied by cerebral angiography," Acta Radiologica, vol.
No sign of vasculitis was detected in the selective cerebral angiography.
Digital subtraction cerebral angiography (DSA) showed multiple vascular lesions, including an obvious saccular aneurysm on the left anterior choroidal artery.
The supplementary indicators Headache, Fever and Cerebral angiography findings are directly related to the prognosis of the severity of critical neurological patient, for example, the Headache was present in 43.
Other neuroimaging findings were consistent with moyamoya disease with confirmation via cerebral angiography.
Package 7: Diagnostic Catheters for cerebral angiography
Nonetheless, diagnosis of these abnormalities in cases of vascular diseases such as arteriovenous malformations or aneurysms, before cerebral angiography, is important to avoid wrongly interpreting non-opacification of vertebral arteries as a blockage or stenosis that may prove dangerous during the endovascular surgeries in the head and neck region.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or cerebral angiography may also check brain blood vessels.