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Synonyms for concussion

Synonyms for concussion

violent forcible contact between two or more things

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injury to the brain caused by a blow

any violent blow

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The cerebral concussion group (Control II) included patients with mild traumatic brain injury (no loss of consciousness, transient confusion, and postconcussion symptoms clear in less than 15 min), involving a transient disturbance of the spinal cord function without SCI.
Cerebral Concussion, Transient Neuroprexia were some associated injuries in our study and is comparable to marek et al.
Management of cerebral concussion in military personnel: lessons learned from sports medicine.
Hallmark PCS/PCD features include a history of head trauma that has caused a significant cerebral concussion, manifestations of concussion that include loss of consciousness, post-traumatic amnesia, and less commonly, post-traumatic onset of seizures, evidence of difficulty in attention (concentrating, shifting focus of attention, performing simultaneous cognitive tasks) or memory, and symptoms developing shortly after the trauma and lasting at least 3 months such as becoming fatigued easily, disordered sleep, headache, vertigo or dizziness, irritability or aggression on little or no provocation, anxiety, depression, or affective liability, changes in personality (e.
He had cerebral concussion due to severe internal bleeding and total paralysis.
The 25 conditions were as follows: (infectious) fever of unknown cause, suspected malaria, suspected dengue fever, acute hemorrhagic fever syndrome, acute watery diarrhea, acute bloody diarrhea, suspected typhoid fever, acute respiratory infection, suspected measles (fever and rash), tuberculosis, and tetanus; (noninfectious) acute malnutrition, skin disorder, renal failure, pregnancy complications or third trimester without previous care, mental health or psychological health, and chronic diseases not accounted for in other conditions; (injury) trauma, fracture, cerebral concussion from head injury, laceration from weapon or dagger injury, burns, wounds (infected), crush injury syndrome, and amputation.
Management of cerebral concussion in sports: the athletic trainer's perspective.
Kaptagaev said he received serious injuries and cerebral concussion.