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Computed tomography (CT) with contrast demonstrated a giant jugular foramen tumor that extended from the right cerebellopontine angle to the level of the hyoid bone (figure 2).
Gadolinium-enhanced MRI is the gold standard for making an imaging diagnosis of cerebellopontine angle lesions.
6) Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the cerebellopontine angle showed a neurovascular compression between the left PICA and the roots of the lower cranial nerves (figure 2).
Cholesterol granuloma of the cerebellopontine angle.
Endolymphatic sac tumors can grow into the cerebellum or the cerebellopontine angle cisterns.
Gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the cerebellopontine angle detected no mass lesion.
Cerebellopontine angle (CPA) ganglionic hamartomas are rare.
Granulocytic sarcomas have been reported frequently in the orbits (3) and less frequently in various other sites, including the gingiva, (4) maxilla, (5) parotid gland, (6-8) temporal bone, (8) temporal lobe of the brain, (9) cerebellopontine angle (causing sudden sensorineural hearing loss), (10) and masseter muscle.
Marangos et al described a unique analysis of ABR thresholds in patients with cerebellopontine angle tumors.