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Cerebellar ataxia was the most common neurological symptom in our cohort (52.
The authors discussed that the balance of these patients was challenged and this fact can explain the worst performance in patients with pure cerebellar ataxia when compared to the control group.
rol] mouse carries the R1262G mutation that results in a phenotype of pure cerebellar ataxia [6,10].
signs were more significant, and included pan cerebellar ataxia and
Miller Fisher's syndrome (MFS), which was originally described in 1956, is characterized by the triad of external ophthalmoplegia, cerebellar ataxia, and the absence of tendon re?
Gerstmann- Spastic paraparesis straussler- and cerebellar ataxia.
They address clinical manifestations such as hemiparesis and other types of motor weakness, sensory abnormalities, cerebellar ataxia, cognitive and behavioral manifestations, headache, visual dysfunction and symptoms, vestibular syndromes and vertigo, auditory disorders, abnormal movements, seizures, sleep-wake disturbances, coma and abnormal consciousness, aphasia, agitation and delirium, memory loss, dementia, mood disorders, muscle and peripheral nerve manifestations, cardiac and autonomic manifestations, dysarthria, dysphagia and aspiration, and respiratory dysfunction, and various vascular topographic syndromes and their clinical manifestations, pathogenesis, imaging, complications, and other facets.
Among various neuropsychiatric manifestations/sequelae of malaria GBS like polyneuropathy, acute and delayed cerebellar ataxia, periodic paralysis are reported mainly from Indian subcontinent1-3.
The neurologic complications of vaccination are fortunately rare, but can include panencephalitis, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, cerebellar ataxia, parkinsonism, transverse myelitis, Bell palsy, myasthenia gravis, neuropathy, sensorineural hearing loss, seizures, mental retardation, and autism.
Ava was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia when she was just 14, making it difficult for her to walk without any support.
It represents the most frequent dominantly inherited cerebellar ataxia in Germany today.
Approximately 74% of patients exhibit autonomic failure, 87% experience Parkinsonism, 54% experience cerebellar ataxia, and 49% exhibit pyramidal signs such as paralysis, muscle weakness, loss of muscle control, and tremor.
The mutism usually resolves in weeks to months of surgery but the dysmetria and cerebellar ataxia often persist.
vendors have put together predetermined panels for whole exome sequencing of some disorders, such as spinal cerebellar ataxia or disorders associated with mental disabilities.
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