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form genus of imperfect fungi that are leaf parasites with long slender spores

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Significant negative association of leaf and capsule borer infestation with Cercospora leaf spot shows inverse relationship between them.
Udum 48.14 (43.93) 46.30 (42.85) Colletotrichum gloeosporioides 41.67 (39.87) 32.22 (34.57) Fusarium solani 24.07 (29.34) 31.48 (34.10) Sclerotium rolfsii 40.74 (39.61) 11.11 (19.06) Cercospora capsici 21.67 (27.63) 21.48 (27.53) Alternaria sesame 20.00 (26.46) 19.26 (25.53) Mean 30.51 25.16 Pathogen P.
Recently, isolates of Cercospora sojina Hara on soybean were confirmed as resistant to strobilurin fungicides even though these fungicides have only been widely used in soybean for a few years [34].
In literature, there are a few accounts of alterations in the antioxidant metabolism of infected plants by Cercospora, mainly when it refers to strains that cause different symptoms in coffee plants (NASCIMENTO et al., 2014).
Aspectos anatomicos e fisiologicos de mudas de cafeeiro (Coffea arabica L.) com cercosporiose (Cercospora coffeicola Berk.
Chupp, A Monograph of the Fungus Genus Cercospora, Itaca, New York, NY, USA, 1956.
28, leaving trees uprooted and increasing the cercospora needle blight fungus.
Analysis of b-tubulin gene fragments from benzimidazole-sensitive and tolerant Cercospora beticola.
Avaliacao da severidade das manchas de Phaeosphaeriae de Cercospora do milho em cultivo de safrinha.
Laboratory experiments were carried out in vitro; the first was to evaluate the effect of culture filtrates of nine algal strains (Anabaena flosaquae, Anabaena oryzae, Chlorella vulgaris, Nostoc muscorum, Nostoc humifusum, Oscillatoria sp., Phormidium fragile, Spirulina platensis, and Wollea saccata) at concentrations of 10, 20, 30, and 40% on mycelium growth and spore production of Cercospora beticola causing leaf spot disease in sugar beet [23].
Camarosporium suseganense Sacc.et Speg., Cercospora capparidis Sacc., Cloeo sporiumhians PecketSacc., Hendersonia rupestris Sacc.et Speg., Leptosphaeria capparidis Pass., Phoma capparidina Pass., Phoma capparidis Pass., Phyllosticta capparidis Sacc.et Speg.