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Trichome placement: (0) on the margin only; (1) on the lower surface veins and the margin; (2) on veins of both surfaces and margin; (3) on veins of both surfaces, margin, upper surface, and areoles; (4) on the veins and areoles of both surfaces, plus the margin; (5) on the veins, areoles, and sinuses; (6) Gunnera herteri N/A; (7) Trochodendron N/A; (8) Tetracentron N/A; (9) Cercidiphyllum N/A; (A) Aucuba N/A; (B) Disanthus N/A; (C) Ascarina N/A; (D) Hamamelis N/A; (E) Chrysosplenium N/A; (F) Griselinia N/A; (G) on the petiole only; (H) Myrothamnus N/A.
The sources for characters 38 through 47 are as follows: Gunnera (Praglowski, 1970; Jarzen, 1980; Jarzen & Dettmann, 1989), Proserpinaca (Praglowski, 1970); Ascarina (Walker & Walker, 1984), Aucuba (Chao, 1954), Griselinia (Heusser, 1971) Cercidiphyllum, Trochodendrales, Hamamelidaceae (Zavada & Dilcher, 1986; Hufford & Crane, 1989; Endress, 1993a, 1993b, 1993c); Platanus (Kubitzki, 1993a); Lopezia (Patel et al.
Tetracentron, and Cercidiphyllum, eight equally parsimonious trees were
It is framed by other small trees - one of them is Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Pendulum', also known as the katsura tree.
It has its own smells too: ripe fruit, wood smoke and, mingling with them in my garden, the aroma of toffee apples from a favourite tree, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, the katsura tree.
Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Red Fox', makes a narrow column covered with bronze leaves that change to red.
It has its own smells too: ripe fruit, wood smoke and, mingling with them in my garden, the aroma of toffee apples from one of my favourite trees, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, the katsura tree.
Likewise, our pendulous cercidiphyllum or katsura - a spectacular tree throughout the year, but never more so than in autumn when its elegant, rounded leaves turn to bright red, orange and yellow.
These characters are comparable to those of extant Cercidiphyllum,
One such example is the female reproductive axis in Cercidiphyllum japonicum (Cercidiphyllaceae).
The closest modern counterpart to a Nyssidium, however, is a Cercidiphyllum fruit (Crane, 1984; Crane & Stockey, 1986; Iljinskaya, 1974), and Cercidiphyllum is taxonomically remote from Nyssa.
Cercidiphyllum japonicum is an excellent garden tree with tiny heart shaped leaves that are bronze when young, developing into a rich green in summer and which eventually glow in red and yellow in the autumn.
We have many different, spectacular autumn colours - from the butter yellow of Acer cappadocicum with its glossy palmate leaves, through the orange red of Cercidiphyllums and Norway maple to the reds of the Red oak and Parrotia persica (Ironwood) and the deep purple hues of some of the Spindle bushes (Euonymus sp).
Autumn colour is just beginning on some of the Parrotias as the leaves turn dark purplish red, and they will be joined for colour at the end of the month by the Acers and Cercidiphyllums.