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an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures

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Back in the lab, they created a ceramic compound that superconducted at the highest temperature then known: 30 degrees Kelvin.
4] is a ceramic compound with high decomposition temperature and chemical stability in air and without toxic elements involved.
The pins are hermetically sealed using a proprietary ceramic compound for ultra high reliability.
The porous ceramic compound holds water, so there's been a lot of interest from environmental groups and turf managers.
CMMD drivers are manufactured by anodizing a ceramic compound to an aluminum core to produce driver diaphragms of ultralow mass and ultrahigh rigidity, yielding exceptional resolution and transient response.
These products feature a patented thermal ceramic compound, which was developed by a former NASA engineer.
The superconductive material for the matrix fault current limiter is a ceramic compound of bismuth, strontium, calcium, and copper supplied by Nexans Superconductors GmbH of Hurth, Germany.
Both use a patented ceramic compound made of all-natural clay material and may be reused many times.
Hundreds of new polymers and other petrochemical or ceramic compounds were developed to replace metals used in our everyday lives.