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one of several broad spectrum antibiotic substances obtained from fungi and related to penicillin (trade names Mefoxin)

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Consequent to the emergence of multidrug resistance and resistance to quinolones, cephalosporins became the forefront for the treatment of typhoid.2 However, an evidence of rising MICs to cephalosporins and production of Extended Spectrum Beta lactamases (ESBLs) by Salmonella enteric serovar Typhi is emerging.
Table-4 shows the Cephalosporins arranged in descending order which were used in 94 patients.
Real-time screening for genes associated with antimicrobial drug resistance, such as penA mosaic alleles yielding decreased susceptibility to oral extended-spectrum cephalosporins, may be a valuable method to determine treatment (3).
Resistance to cephalosporins is the main cause of failure in the treatment of hospital acquired infections due to E.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global cephalosporin drugs market to grow at a CAGR of 3.21% over the period 2014-2019.
Selection Criteria for ESBL: The isolates were tested with 30 [micro]g each of third generation Cephalosporins viz.
The cephalosporin antibiotics are most similar to the penicillins in both structure and mechanism of action.
Additionally, M100-S24 includes a definition of susceptible-dose dependent(SDD) with educational information explaining the introduction of SDD interpretive criteria; an example and explanation for antimicrobial agents having only susceptible interpretive criteria; information for reporting first- and second-generation cephalosporins and cephamycins for Salmonella spp.
However, if the penicillin skin test was not available, the majority of physicians (65.5% of allergists and 77.3% of non-allergists) would avoid both penicillin and cephalosporins.
"Cephalosporins were only used in breeding flocks so it seems a bit odd to extrapolate Dutch figures to the British industry as we never used cephalosporins in broiler flocks," the British Poultry Council (BPC) said.
Cephalosporins remained the foundation of gonorrhea treatment in the 2010 CDC STD treatment guidelines (4).
Aseptic filling of sterile cephalosporin powders (including manufacture of certain oral cephalosporins)
CDC officials say the only effective treatment for gonorrhea is the class of antibiotics known as cephalosporins, combined with another antibiotic, either azithromycin or doxycycline.
Known as cephalosporins, these pharmaceuticals are commonly used to treat pneumonia in humans, and the FDA will now require that only veterinarians administer them to animals.