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marine gastropod mollusk having a very small thin shell

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cauze Cephalaspidea Haminoea X [check] variable attainment japonica of competence Nudibranchia TeneUia -- [check] pre- vs.
the opisthobranch orders Cephalaspidea and Anaspidea have figured prominently in classical and more recent studies on hermaphrodite mating strategies (Leonard and Lukowiak, 1984; Angeloni and Bradbury, 1999; Angeloni et al.
The Notaspidea is a small, specialized order of opisthobranchs that are considered to be phylogenetically intermediate between the highly derived Nudibranchia and the more basal Cephalaspidea (Schmekel, 1985; Willan, 1987; Mikkelsen, 1998) or monophyletic with the Nudibranchia to form the Nudipleura (Wagele and Willan, 2000).
Morphogenesis in notaspidean veligers is modified from the pattern--characteristic of benthic opisthobranchs--that is observed in the Cephalaspidea, Ascoglossa, Anaspidea, and Nudibranchia (e.
The operculum is lost at metamorphosis in most opisthobranchs, except for a few species of Cephalaspidea (Thompson, 1976).