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marine gastropod mollusk having a very small thin shell

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Descripcion de dos nuevas especies de Philinopsis Pease, 1860 (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia: Cephalaspidea) de Cuba y Bahamas con comentarios sobre las especies atlanticas del genero.
Notas en Opisthobranchia (Mollusca, Gastropoda) 5: Sobre el uso de la concha interna como catheter sistematico de primer orden en el inven-tario de las especies Atltinticas de la familia Aglajidae (Mollusca: Cephalaspidea).
Developmental variability (pelagic and benthic) in Haminoea callidegenita (Opisthobranchia: Cephalaspidea) is influenced by egg mass jelly.
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Species Location COl-trnV-16S 18S rRNA rRNA HETEROBRANCHIA LOWER HETEROBRANCHIA Acteonoidea Micromelo undata - AY345014 DQ093443 OPISTHOBRANCHIA Cephalaspidea Philine aperta - AY345016 DQ093438 Umbraculoidea Tylodina perversa - AY345024 AY427496 Anaspidea Aplysia californica - AY569552 AY039804 Nudipleura Bathyberthella - AY345027 AF249219 antarctica Acochlidiacea Unela glandulifera - EF489328 AY427517 PYRAMIDELLOIDEA Turbonilla sp.
The evolutionary relationships of Cephalaspidea S.L.
Here we used both field and laboratory experiments to examine the effects of naturally variable UVR, and its interaction with conditions at low tide, on the embryonic mortality of two congeneric species of marine bubble-shell snails (Order: Cephalaspidea): Haminoea zelandiae Gray 1843 in New Zealand (NZ), and Haminoea vesicula Gould 1855 in Washington, USA (WA).
Embryology and larval development of Haminoea vesicula Gould (Opisthobranchia: Cephalaspidea).
cauze Cephalaspidea Haminoea X [check] variable attainment japonica of competence Nudibranchia TeneUia -- [check] pre- vs.
Developmental variability (pelagic and benthic) in Haminaea callidegenita (Opisthobranchia: Cephalaspidea) is influenced by egg mass jelly.
the opisthobranch orders Cephalaspidea and Anaspidea have figured prominently in classical and more recent studies on hermaphrodite mating strategies (Leonard and Lukowiak, 1984; Angeloni and Bradbury, 1999; Angeloni et al., 2003; Anthes and Michiels.
The Notaspidea is a small, specialized order of opisthobranchs that are considered to be phylogenetically intermediate between the highly derived Nudibranchia and the more basal Cephalaspidea (Schmekel, 1985; Willan, 1987; Mikkelsen, 1998) or monophyletic with the Nudibranchia to form the Nudipleura (Wagele and Willan, 2000).
Developmental variability (pelagic and benthic) in Haminaea callidegenita (Opisthobrancha: Cephalaspidea) is influenced by egg mass jelly.