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the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm

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For boards and CEOs considering the creation of a COO role--or for those interested in making sure their leadership team of CEO and COO are on the right track--these issues of fit are critical things to monitor.
Larkin again suggest it "doesn't matter [italics added] if employees trust" the CEO, only that they trust the organization will implement the CEO's plan, and besides, they say, it's impossible to increase CEO trust no matter what you do.
Just as a cardiologist is not qualified to perform neurosurgery, CEOs do not all possess the same competencies.
Unless modified, the proposal would unwisely increase compliance burdens and unfairly diminish CEOs and corporate tax officials by suggesting that the former may be too craven and the latter too weak to ensure compliance with the tax law.
A Financial Executive survey last year of companies with revenues greater than $500 million revealed that 33 percent of responding CEOs had risen through the finance ranks, while only 26 percent had reached the top from operations and 21 percent from sales and marketing.
These CEOs were uniformly singled out for one distinction--sales smarts.
Knowling is one of a growing number of African American CEOs of publicly traded technology companies.
earn profits) and derive value from strategic planning is directly proportional to the extent to which CEOs are prepared to ensure that every employee behaves in ways consistent with the plan and the policies embedded in it.
The CEOs included in the study presided over cuts of between 2,800 and 48,640 workers each.
Looking ahead to year-end 1992, the vast majority of growth company CEOs foresee positive economic growth for the country as a whole: 86 percent, up slightly from 82 percent in March.
Led by CEOs from the world's top security providers, CSIA believes a comprehensive approach to information system security is vital to the stability of the global economy.
USA Today, which fulfills an informal vox populi, vox dei function in this society, advanced numerous theories as to why CEOs are reluctant to join the "Wild West" of the blogosphere.
In this situation, most CEOs clam up until the layoffs actually occur, because they want to wait until everything is in place.
There are many reasons for this lag in CEO development for pysician executives.
Here's a look at the CEOs who rank highest in our survey and why.