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We also found that DWI hyperintensity disappeared in the posterior limb of the internal capsule and centrum semiovale, which supports the hypothesis that the brain alterations attributable to MSUD encephalopathy can be reversed by appropriate treatment.
Some studies have demonstrated a high prevalence of white matter lesions in the PVWM and centrum semiovale with nonlacunar MCA territory infarcts [13] and that motor deficits may be as severe with infarcts limited to the deep white matter as with large MCA territorial infarcts [14].
The cerebral white matter is diffusely abnormal, with confluent high signal in the subcortical white matter, internal and external capsules and the centrum semiovale.
Multiple focal areas of hyperintensity on T2W1/FLAIR are seen in the periventricular white matter, subcortical white matter, centrum semiovale and corona radiata which are hypointense on T1W1 not showing restriction of diffusion most likely suggestive of old white-matter ischaemic changes.
Five of the nine patients had abnormal multiple scattered long T1 and T2 signals in the bilateral corona radiata and centrum semiovale and four had abnormal multiple stippled long T1 and T2 signals in the bilateral basal ganglia and centrum semiovale.
Curvilinear enhancement may be seen coursing radially through the centrum semiovale from the lateral ventricles to the cortex, probably representing dilated deep medullary veins.
Three years ago, she had been admitted to another hospital due to headache and T2- and FLAIR-weighted cranial MRI had showed bilateral hyperintense lesions in centrum semiovale, posterior corona radiata, frontal white matter and periventricular regions (Figure 2a).
The extent of WMLA was recorded on a four-point scale (from 0 to 3) where 0 = no visible WMLA, 1 = WMLA localized to the frontal and/or occipital periventricular regions of the lateral ventricles, 2 = as in 1 but WMLA spreading towards the centrum semiovale, and 3 = extensive WMLA coalescing with the centrum semiovale.
MRI scan of the brain revealed slightly hyperintensity in T2-weighted or FLAIR images of corpus callosum, the head of right caudate nucleus, cingulate gyrus, and centrum semiovale [Figure 2]a.
MRI Brain revealed multiple ill-defined T2 and FLAIR hyper-intense lesions in the right frontal and parietal sub-cortical white matter, left centrum semiovale and right callososeptal interface (Fig.
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