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small region of cytoplasm adjacent to the nucleus


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They discussed the behavior of centrosomes based on the organization of microtubules in the chromosome assemblages.
2015), resulting in a loss of phosphorylated AAK (pAAK) from centrosomes (Fig.
A role for a novel centrosome cycle in asymmetric cell division.
Instability of centrosomes and microtubules plays a major role in oocyte aging as these ultrastructures are responsible for proper separation of chromosomes at meiotic poles.
However, this study found that microtubules could additionally develop from the chromosomes themselves, or at arbitrary sites throughout the main body of the cell, if the centrosomes were missing.
Taxane based chemotherapy, for example, pacilitaxel, is a common therapy for cancer as by increasing microtubules and it blocks the organization of the centrosome and kinetochore thereby inhibiting mitosis [99].
Centrosomes, microtubules, and microfilaments in the reendothelialization and remodeling of double-sided in vitro wounds.
During mitosis, it attaches to the centrosomes (Yao et al.
Unlike animal cells, where microtubules are nucleated at discrete centriole containing centrosomes, plant cells produced a bewildering assortment of microtubule arrays in the absence of centrosomes.
At the higher antimitotic concentrations, Paclitaxel appears to act by suppressing microtubule detachment from centrosomes, a process normally activated during mitosis.
Contribution of Spermatozoal Centrosomes to the Microtubuleorganizing Centre in Antarctic Minke Whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis).
Tetraploidies in particular, correspond to the replication of both genomic content and number of centrosomes which emerge as the result of defective cytokinesis or chromosome segregation during mitosis.
The two centrosomes of a cell are responsible for cell division to proceed correctly.
Sample topics include centrosomes in checkpoint responses, DNA damage response and the balance between cell survival and cell death, and targeting cyclin-dependent kinases with small molecule inhibitors.
Such ensembles are called a centrosomes (centriole+PCM) and becomes functional in the oocyte only after fertilization, when the sperm centrosome forms a sperm aster around duplicated centrioles--now called the zygote centrosome (7).