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In this study, I use an age- and time-dependent von Bertalanffy (1938) growth equation and some of its commonly used special cases for estimating the parameters from a set of tagging data on times at liberty, lengths at release, and lengths at recapture of a centropomid perch, barramundi (Lates calcarifer) and provide a method for determining the anabolic and catabolic rates of animals in their natural environment.
For example, in the shallow and eutrophic Song Khla coastal pool in southern Thailand, fish production (which was naturally high) has been artificially increased by the introduction of the centropomid fish Lates [=Luciolates] calcarifer in net cages that are taken out of the water when the fish are large enough to be sold.
The most external zone, the lagoons and estuaries where the tide prevents stagnation and excessive increases in water temperature, is an important shelter for mollusk and crustacean larvae, and especially for the fry of fish (more than 400 species), mainly clupeids (Brevoortia), engraulids (Anchoa), sciaenids (Bairdiella and Cynoscion), ariids (Arius), centropomids (Centropomus), and others.
The most important species include powerful swimmers or surface-dwelling species, such as bluefish (Pomatomus), scads (Caranx), several species of clupeids (Brevoortia, Alosa), mullets (Mugil), various species of the salmon family (Salmo, Oncorhynchus), centropomids (Centropomus), sea bass (Morone), as well as the occasional megaloponid, such as the tarpon (Megalops atlantica).