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having or situated at or near a center


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The frontal technique of mandibular manipulation of the centric relation position is facilitated by masticatory neuromuscular reprogramming, effective in occlusal adjustment therapy, in detection of occlusal interferences, and in the stability of the restorative prosthetic treatment (McKee, 2005).
When the mandible is brought in centric relation, cast metal mandible prosthesis is used for the patient who lacks the motor skills to bring the mandible into occlusion.
Karl P, Foley T The use ofa deprogramming appliance to obtain centric relation records.
The Lucia jig not only eliminates any type of occlusal interference that may cause mandibular deviation of the centric relation (CR) for maximum habitual intercuspation (MHI) but also reduces the effect of muscular hyperactivity.
The terminal act of masticatory stroke terminates in centric relation.
Manipulation of the mandible was performed and an anterior deprogramming device (JIG) (12) was used to record the centric relation position.
The diagnostic cast were articulated in semi adjustable articulator using centric relation record and face bow transfer to evaluate inter arch space.
Initially, preliminary impres- sions were made, along with a centric relation occlusal record, and a face bow transfer.
Vinyl polysiloxane bite registration material (fast setting) was employed for recording centric relation position which was located by bimanual manipulation of the mandible as described by Long and modified by Dawson.
The maxillary cast was mounted using face-bow transfer onto a semiadjustable arcon articulator (Whip-mix) and the mandibular cast mounted using the Lucia jig and centric relation record [Fig 3].
Satisfactory vertical dimension of occlusion and coincident centric occlusion and centric relation.
2) Conformative means of occlusal rehabilitation at the intercuspal position or ICP has to be weighed against the more radical Reorganization of occlusion at the Centric relation contact position or CRCP, as it requires exhaustive planning and structured treatment procedures.
Other specific softwares include 'Tooth shaper' & 'Autobite tool' which identify the shape of the teeth and occlude them in centric relation.
Vertical dimension was increased by 3mm using an Occlusal splint which was fabricated using self cure actrylic resin (DPI RR Coldcure, India) at the Centric Relation position (Figure 2).