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Synonyms for Centre

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a low-lying region in central France

a place where some particular activity is concentrated

the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

move into the center


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The announcer escorted a third man to the centre of the ring, a genial-faced young fellow in shirt-sleeves.
To satisfy himself that this spot was really the centre of the earth, a sceptic once paid well for the privilege of ascending to the dome of the church to see if the sun gave him a shadow at noon.
If even greater proofs than those I have mentioned are wanted, to satisfy the headstrong and the foolish that this is the genuine centre of the earth, they are here.
With such a centre, already known and organised, we can easily see that each fresh wave of invasion--the Angles, the Saxons, the Danes, and the Normans--found it a desirable possession and so ensured its upholding.
There was the figure of the white prisoner still securely bound as they had last seen him, and in the centre of the hut another figure equally as motionless, its throat and breasts horribly torn and mangled.
A score of howling blacks pushed and buffeted the prisoner down the village street and bound him to the post in the centre of the circle of little fires and boiling cooking-pots.
com/reports/c44063) has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: Contact centres in EMEA (Databook) to their offering.
The databook is a detailed information resource covering current and forecast contact centre market data.
com/reports/c40408) has announced the addition of "Shopping Centres - Market Assessment 2006" to their offering.
com/reports/c37541) has announced the addition of Commercial Horticulture & Garden Centres - Business Ratio Report to their offering.
com/reports/c34017) has announced the addition of Call Centres Market Assessment 2006 to their offering.
UN) today announced that it is acquiring a 100% interest in a portfolio of nine shopping centres and a 50% interest in an additional shopping centre all from First Pro Shopping Centres ("First Pro").
1 million and have entered into firm agreements to purchase four more shopping centres.
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