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Synonyms for Centre

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a low-lying region in central France

a place where some particular activity is concentrated

the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

move into the center


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The main executive work of the school, whether I am at Tuskegee or not, centres in what we call the executive council.
It was indeed wonderful how, with the self-respect and sense of propriety of the British housekeeper, the lady had within a few minutes adorned the central table with a snow-white cloth, laid the napkins upon it, and set forth the simple meal with all the elegance of civilization, including an electric torch lamp in the centre.
Perhaps, too, it is with the peasant as with the prisoner-- he does not squander the powers of his soul, he centres them all upon a single idea, and this is how his feelings come to be so exceedingly strong.
These decorations, which had lost all their color, gradually rose on either half of the gates till they reached the centre where they met; their spikes forming, when both leaves were shut, an outline similar to that of a pine-cone.
It simply means that in the attack on my brain the higher psychical centres are untouched.
I smiled in superior fashion, and, slacking off on one of the boom- guys and taking in on the other, swung the mast perfectly in the centre of the deck.
The physiologist can discover that both depend upon the nervous system, and he may find that the movements which we call voluntary depend upon higher centres in the brain than those that are reflex.
Lord Wetherby spun round as her scream burst upon his already tortured nerve centres.
Stuttgart, I was aware, was one of the revolutionary centres.
I know that all your devotion centres in this room, and that nothing to the last will ever tempt you away from the duties you discharge here.
He had hardly uttered the word, when the whole half-dozen regiments levelled their muskets as if they had but one common object, and that object the Pickwickians, and burst forth with the most awful and tremendous discharge that ever shook the earth to its centres, or an elderly gentleman off his.
On the banks of a broad solitary river stands a town, one of the administrative centres of Russia; in the town there is a fortress, in the fortress there is a prison.
Ah, then of course their interests centre around her.
With features strained hard to enunciate the syllables they continued to regard the centre of the flickering fire, the notes of the youngest straying over into the pauses of the rest.
Augustine described the nature of God as a circle whose centre was everywhere and its circumference nowhere.
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