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Synonyms for striker

a forward on a soccer team

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someone receiving intensive training for a naval technical rating

an employee on strike against an employer

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someone who hits

the part of a mechanical device that strikes something

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He's a typical, old-fashioned type of centre-forward who pulls off defenders' shoulders and looks for those little areas where he can get in between centre-halfs and full-backs and get headers in.
At the 11th hour, Rafa did sign a centre-forward in Islam Slimani from Leicester City, but, sadly, he came with an injury, and at the time of writing is yet to play
There's no better centre-forward in this league if he's fit.
Slovakia against England [in the final Group B game] didn't play a centre-forward and there have been two or three teams playing like that.
Therefore, Santos appears set to take the executive decision not to play a centre-forward at all.
How ironic that down the decades of non-qualification the one position we never struggled with was good oldfashioned centre-forwards.
By far the biggest name in the visitors' team was England centre-forward 'Wor Jackie' Milburn.
Everton need a centre-forward of power, pace and purpose.
I needed to be believed in, to play as a centre-forward at a club, and I didn't get that at Chelsea.
Rooney said that he might consider playing in the midfield in the future but his immediate focus is on making more goals as a centre-forward.
As a centre-forward he was dominant in the air, which is obviously a big part of his game, but he was winning headers in both boxes and making important challenges in his own area, which is the kind of commitment managers always want in their teams.
Arsenal 7 Newcastle 3 by Dean Jones THEO WALCOTT scored a hat-trick at centre-forward to spark choruses of 'Sign him up' aimed at Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.
Exeter-born Welsh, 30, has joined the Martyrs as a centre-half, but can also operate as a highly-effective centre-forward.
Not a meathead of a centre-forward, a thinking man's centre-forward.
Sir Bobby Charlton has hailed Lofthouse as "a leader" and "a talisman" in his tribute to the legendary England centre-forward.