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As in the present account, many previously reported cases of predation on horsehair worms involved fishes of the families Centrarchidae and Salmonidae (Cochran et al.
Family Species Common name ATHERINOPSIDAE Atherinops affinis Topsmelt BOTHIDAE Paralichthys californicus California halibut CENTRARCHIDAE Lepomis cyanellus Green sunfish Micropterus sp.
0 -- Centrarchidae Green sunfish Lepomis cyanellus (a) 93 0.
RESULTS--We collected 3,868 fishes representing five orders (Cypriniformes, Cyprinodontiformes, Characiformes, Perciformes, and Siluriformes), seven families (Cyprinidae, Goodeidae, Poeciliidae, Characidae, Centrarchidae, Cichlid, and Ictaluridae), and 12 species (Table 1).
Growth and mortality of black bass, Micropterus salmoides (Pisces, Centrarchidae, Lacepede, 1802) in a reservoir in southern Brazil.
Native Undescribed species (Rican and Kullander (2006) Australoheros taura Native Endemic to the Taquari-Antas basin (Ottoni and Cheffe, 2009) Crenicichla lepidota Native Crenicichla punctata Native Geophagus brasiliensis Native Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys Native Gymnogeophagus labiatus Native Oreochromis niloticus Non-native Introduced for aquaculture, it has escaped or sometimes intentionally released in natural waters PERCIFORMES Centrarchidae Micropterus salmoides Non-native Native to North America, this species was intentionally introduced in the 1980s for sport fishing in fish ponds and streams (Malabarba et al.
Family and Species Common name Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata American eel Atherinidae Menidia beryllina inland sliverside Catostomidae Erimyzon oblongus [C] creek chubsucker Centrarchidae Micropterus salmoides smallmouth bass Lepomisgihhosus pumpkinseed Lepomis macrochirus bluegill Clupeidea Alosa alewife spawning pseudoharegus (A,C) Alosa aestiualis (A,C) blueback herring spawning Alosa sapidissima (A,C) juvenile American shadspawning Dorosoma cepedianurn gizzard shad Cyprinidae Hybognathus regius eastern silvery Notemigonus crysoleucas golden shiner Ictaluridae Ictalurus furcatus (C) blue catfish Ictalurus punctatus channel catfish Ameirus nebulosas brown bullhead Ameirus catus white catfish Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus osseus longnose gar Moronidae Morone saratili.
New geographic records are documented for 16 taxa of fishes within nine families (Anguillidae, Atherinopsidae, Catostomidae, Centrarchidae, Cyprinidae, Fundulidae, Hiodontidae, Icturalidae, Percidae) from 20 counties of the southern portion of Arkansas.
Ontogenetic changes in the response of large-mouth bass (Micropterus salmoides, Centrarchidae, Perciformes) to heterospecific alarm pheromones.
The other fishes, all of the family centrarchidae (common name "sunfishes") were processed individually.
The family Centrarchidae was the dominant group encountered during the survey, with 10 species collected.
Topminnows Fundulus notatus, 1 (3-1976) Blackstripe topminnow Poeciliidae, livebearers Gambusia affinis, 1 (3-1976) Eastern mosquitofish Centrarchidae, sunfish & black bass Lepomis cyanellus, 28 (1-1976); 9 (3-1976); Green sunfish 10 (5-1976) L.