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The following is a list of both nectar and host plants: Achillea, allium, antirrhinum, aquilegia, armeria, artemesia, ascelepia, boltonia, buddleia, campanula, caryopteris, centranthus, chelone, coreopsis delphinium, dianthus, digitalis, echinacea, erigerion, erynigium, eupatorium, foeniciculum, gaillardia, gaura, helenium, hemerocallis, hypericum, hyssops, inula, leucanthemum, liatris, lobelia, lychnis, lysimachia, malva, monarda, nepeta, origanum, penstemon, perovskia, phlox, physotegia, rudbekia, rue, salix, salvia, sedum, sempervivum, thalictrum, thymus, valeriana, veronica, veronicastrum, humulus, loncera, campsis, loncera, and viola.
Centranthus ruber ydi'r enw gwyddonol arno fo a 'Red Valerian' yn Saesneg.
The easy five-and-a-half mile journey from Wadebridge along a former railway to the pretty town of Padstow took us through dappled sunshine' railway cuts littered with red campion, foxgloves and centranthus, and a slate gully.
5] Linnaeaceae Abelia grandiflora Andre [90] Valerianaceae Centranthus ruber (L.
Phlox subulata and centranthus ruber are cheap gap fillers.
You can safely locate a few natives or drought-tolerant plants like Centranthus ruber, Penstemon species, Ceonathus griseus horizontalis or Mahonia repens in the vicinity of the oak.
THE HERBACEOUS PLANTS: Columbine, wormweed, centranthus, dicentra, foxgloves, hesperis, irises, mullein, peony, bedstraw, plantain lily, masterwort, milkweed, giant fennel, fennel, anthriscus, onopordon, blessed mary's thistle, Jacob's ladder, mourning widow, mayflower, lily of the valley, geraniums, and cardoon.