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Synonyms for collectivism

Soviet communism

a political theory that the people should own the means of production

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But since 1990 and the end of the centrally planned economy, about 100 firms have flocked to the town of 24,000 people.
The challenges faced by Kunlun show that the impact of the country's price reforms -- as China transitions from a centrally planned economy to a more market-driven one - can be magnified by deteriorating economic circumstances to produce an unintended effect, analysts say.
The transition from a centrally planned economy and the deep reforms that this has entailed in China and Vietnam are analysed.
In the blink of an eye they lost pensions, free healthcare and a good system of education, while moving from a centrally planned economy to a free market one was also very difficult.
Beginning with Deng in the late 1970s, scientists and engineers -- technocrats with the determination to convert a dysfunctional centrally planned economy into an investment-led and export-led colossus -- framed and implemented a producer-oriented development model.
They examine the shift from a centrally planned economy to free markets, and the lasting effects of the change on the agricultural sector, extension, and universities.
Nonetheless, those changes to Cuba's centrally planned economy aren't enough to attract foreign investment and grow by more than 5% a year if it is to have any hope of rebuilding crumbling infrastructure and creating enough jobs to absorb all the Cubans who work for a state that barely pays a living wage.
The United States had to face this dilemma when its people objected to the grant of MFN status to China - a totalitarian and centrally planned economy.
1) A central question in this paper is whether countries in transition from a centrally planned economy and Communist polity are particularly vulnerable to a resource curse due to their fragile and changing institutions and to their inexperience with policy-making in a market-based economy.
The centrally planned economy under Muammar Gaddafi's rule has so far led to a concentration of the oil sector in state-owned companies despite promises to privatise the sector further.
But many of those who advocate a centrally planned economy often deny the importance of individual demands.
Turning away from the models to financing, Car and Driver said, "What goes on behind the scenes of this highly complex government and its centrally planned economy is much harder to discern.
In the nearly two decades since the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia has opened the door to private enterprise, moving from a centrally planned economy to a more market-oriented one that has made it a key "BRIC" economy (the acronym given to the emerging powerhouses of Brazil, Russia, India and China).
Section 3 analyzes the competitive equilibrium of the market economy, and Section 4, the optimal growth path of the centrally planned economy.
Some of the reasons are in part due to the centrally planned economy which has served them so well over the last 20 years or so and some are simply due to the apparently natural rhythms of capitalist economies.
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