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Synonyms for central

Synonyms for central

at, in, near, or being the center

dominant in importance or influence


Synonyms for central

a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication

serving as an essential component

in or near a center or constituting a center


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Normally, quiescent CD68+ macrophages are present in the hepatic sinusoids and around the central vein region (Fig.
56f Anatomical treats 5 mM Diameter of central vein ([micro]m) 279.
The ectatic sinusoids and central veins have focal aggregations of elastic fibers in their walls close to the lumens, and the central veins can be distinguished from the ectatic sinusoids by larger diameters and the characteristic centripetal arrangement of the hepatocellular trabeculae.
The team approach to TPN involves a skilled pediatric surgeon who places the central vein catheter (Broviac) under anesthesia, as well as a gastroenterologist, nurse practitioner and nutritionist who prescribe, supervise, and monitor the nutritional regimen for the neurologist.
Most patients with pacemaker related chronic obstruction of the central veins remain asymptomatic, and may be found during pacemaker lead revision.
The central vein running through Jesmond, one of Newcastle's most affluent suburbs, it is a bustling street with students enjoying the sunshine, and the end of exams, with children being ferried to and from school and nursery.
Conventional MRI using spin echo technique can detect central vein thrombi and has a sensitivity of 90% and specificity of 100%.
The needle-electrode is placed next to the central vein and the current coagulates it so the whole "spider" slowly fades.
The relative risk of permanent access failure in dialysis patients associated with prior central vein catheters was lower with contralateral subclavian catheters than either ipsilateral subclavian catheters or contralateral and ipsilateral internal jugular catheters.
Alfacetoanalogos amino acid composition of dl-3-methyl-2-oxivalerato calcium 67mg, 4-methyl-2-oxy-2-valerate 101mg calcium oxy-3,emulsion for parenteral nutrition perfusion tricamara premixed with baseline electrolyte intake 1,026ml with 900 kcal for infusion into a central vein.
The visual acuity improved gradually over a period of 4 months, and repeat retinal examinations during this period showed resolution of central vein thrombosis (Figs.
Central vein: Blood exits each liver lobule by way of the central vein, which feeds into the hepatic vein.
7 Set katetyryzatsiyi central vein in Seldinheru channel for children placed.
presented their management pathway flow chart as an aid to decision making when a patient with central vein obstruction is encountered (3, 9).
Contract Awarded for Supply of TPN for central vein (at least) Calorie 900kcal, Amino Acid 30gm, Notrogen 4gm, Glucose 90 gm, Lipid 30gm, osmolarity not more than 900 Mosmol/L pack of 1000-2500ml
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