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In addition to illnesses such as labial herpes, chickenpox and roseola, herpesviruses can also cause serious central nervous system infections such as encephalitis.
Food and Drug Administration today allowed marketing of the first cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) nucleic acid-based test for simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens that can cause central nervous system infections.
Treatment with CMX001 reduced mortality rates and effectively inhibited HSV replication in a mouse model of disseminated infections and central nervous system infections.
The optimum therapy for central nervous system infections caused by P acnes has not been established.
In 2003, two human cases of community-acquired granulomatous central nervous system infections caused by marine Brucella spp.
With the advent of HAART, the life expectancy of individuals with HIV infection is increasing, as is the likelihood that they will experience HIV-associated pain, central nervous system infections, and neurologic disease.
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