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a tooth for cutting or gnawing

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In the inferior area, at the central incisor level, the amount of cancellous bone was statistically greater than the groups of lateral incisors and canines (p=0.
Demonstrate both central incisors including the incisal edges.
The problem more commonly appears on maxillary lateral incisors (38%), but may also affect the central incisors (9%).
2 The depth of endotracheal intubation using the conventional method is 23 cm from the central incisor in men, and 21 cm in women.
Treatment and orthodontic movement of a root-fractured maxillary central incisor with an immature apex: 10-year follow-up.
The Golden proportion is limited to the use of the 62% proportion and when this proportion is used the Central Incisor appears too narrow and the resulting canine is not prevalent enough.
I have no idea why we were playing with a shoe polish bottle, but of all the potential disasters that could have occurred, I guess a chipped central incisor was a relatively minor result.
3) mandibular grinding of central incisor incisal edges and triamcinolone application Case 4 Natal right Negative Selective mandibular grinding of the central incisor incisal edges and triamcinolone application Case 5 Natal left Negative Selective mandibular grinding of the central incisor incisal edges and right and mandibular triamcinolone central and application lateral incisors Case 6 Natal left Negative Extraction and (Fig.
A mesiodens is a supernumerary tooth located in the maxillary central incisor region [4].
Stress distribution pattern in a root of maxillary central incisor having various root morphologies.
Table 1: Trauma classification by Sgan Cohen et al[10] Trauma Description score 0 No evidence of trauma 1 Trauma limited to enamel 2 Trauma involving dentin 3 Trauma involving the pulp 4 Treated trauma, which had clearly involved at least the dentin and usually restored with a composite restoration 5 Discoloration due to trauma (verified by interview) 6 Avulsed tooth due to trauma (verified by interview) Table 2: Toothwise distribution of trauma and trauma scores in children with active sports involvement Trauma score 1 2 3 4 5 Maxillary right 41 21 1 1 1 central incisor Maxillary right 16 17 0 0 0 lateral incisor Maxillary left 20 21 1 0 0 central incisor Maxillary left 6 4 0 1 0 lateral incisor Other teeth 8 4 2 0 0 Total injured 91(51.
In addition, the prevalence of caries was directly proportional to age and correlated with the upper arch, particularly the upper central incisor, found to be the most affected by caries.
2] Type of root dressing Maxilla Rt central incisor 40 (61.
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