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an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story)

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Susan said: "Like the central character, I lived and worked in North Yorkshire and France in the Sixties as an English teacher.
Rockstar has released three new trailers for Grand Theft Auto 5, providing more information on the game's central characters.
We encounter the strangely detached grandmother, the liberal police officer who runs a youth club, the ex-police officer with mysterious links to the central characters, the geeky flat-mate and a myriad of quirky students who populate the scenes at the 6th form college where much of the action takes place.
THE BABY TRAIL has amusing moments and overall is well written, but reads more like a short story collection with a central character worth perusing over several sittings.
SIR: The central character in Paul Auster's latest, beautiful novel, Oracle Night, buys a blue notebook one day that makes him write, and write well.
Wieder, the central character, is an autodidact and dandy: a Chilean air force pilot who skywrites poetry; a cameraman for porn films; an assassin who serially murders (mostly) women poets; and, most important, the founder--and sole member--of the so-called New Chilean poetry movement.
its central character is Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell), the determined coach who grabs the chance to impose control over an unsung group of young players who seem to have no chance against an all-conquering Soviet team.
In Orwell's classic precautionary tale 1984, the hapless central character, Winston Smith, was employed by the totalitarian state's "Ministry of Truth.
The Baby One More Time star is keen to play temptress Rhoda Freely, the daughter of I P Freely, the central character in Carry On London.
Central character Snowman, possibly one of the last of our kind left on Earth, is a guiding figure for a newly created race of 'improved' people--while he eeks out a pathetic existence on the leftovers of the devastated modern world.
Can you name the central character, played by Sarah Jessica Parker?
The central character, a Woman who works in a convenience store (played with somnambulistic perfection by Maureen Gammelseter) is the the film's central focus.
ANY programme that begins with the central character deadpanning the camera, "There's a load of b***ks talked about men - mostly by women" has to be worth a look.
Death of a Salesman is a play dealing with a despicable redundancy that eventually destroys the central character.
And discovering this central character from another religion reinforces his own faith.
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