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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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The pioneering fully automatic bending machine developed by Midea broke through the limit of manual bending in the production of condensers and evaporators, the machine can deliver Automated Guided Vehicle to the loading zone to realize comprehensive automation from loading materials to bending and discharging," explained Tian Mingli, general manager of Midea Central Air Conditioning.
In many facilities rooms start off with one purpose, in this case it was as a telecommunications room, and end up with more equipment than the central air conditioning system was designed to handle.
The 2010 European central air conditioning systems market was dominated by France, Germany and Italy
Speaking to the world at Times Square, Haier central air-conditioning has undoubtedly taken a precedent in the industry, and the world's leading magnetic levitation energy-saving central air conditioning products become the powerful backing of the initiative.
The rise in temperature has created the need to install cooling systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, and has led to an increase in the demand for central air conditioning systems globally.
The US central air conditioning market is predominantly reliant on the construction and development industry, and struggled through the global recession, as retrofit development projects and new building construction activities were postponed or cancelled.
Prequalification are invited for Provision of Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Services of Central Air Conditioning System for Building 228 and Building B at UNGSC/UNLB, in Brindisi - Italy.
Retail portion has central air conditioning and is attractively finished with excellent lighting.
Luxury loft amenities including stainless steel appliances, a private washer and dryer, marble and granite finishes, central air conditioning and hardwood floors have also been installed.
Installation of central air conditioning and heat were among the top priorities in the construction work at the two schools in the past few years.
Italy is largest European manufacturer of central air conditioning systems
com offers Global Central Air Conditioning System Market 2014-2018 a new research report in its store.
Contract notice: Supply, installation and commissioning of a brand new three-chamber pipe feeder liquid pes providing power transmission cooling 7mw to install central air conditioning in lublin wegiel "bogdanka" sa.
Found throughout the homes are eat-in kitchens with refrigerators and dishwashers, spacious living rooms, wall-to-wall carpeting, central air conditioning, and individual storage space.
The homes receive double-paned windows, central air conditioning, solid-core doors and weather stripping to muffle aircraft noise.
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