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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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37: Central Air Conditioner Historical Shipment-Weighted Efficiencies.
Then one day, without any warning, Peter and Janice Brown's eighteen-year-old central air conditioner broke down.
Run the central air conditioner often to help remove moisture from the air.
Because of its better design, the Dave Lennox Signature[TM] Collection HSX19 is the most quiet and efficient central air conditioner on the market.
But let the buyer beware: A heat pump costs about the same as a central air conditioner.
In fact, in a small, highly insulated house, even the smallest central air conditioner may be too large.
A 3-ton central air conditioner can cost an average of $80 a month to run, when operated four hours a day.
Homes in the South are also least likely to have a programmable thermostat connected to the central air conditioner, while homes in the West are most likely
COST: Professionally cleaning and servicing a central air conditioner costs $100 to $250.
Answer: There are thousands of different sizes and shapes of central air conditioner models manufactured.
Braverman noted that in the Spring, nearly every building with a central air conditioner sends someone up to check that the condensate line is cleaned out so as to avoid floods.
Johnson Huang, marketing director of Midea central air conditioner division, said, "We are very proud to be chosen by these Russian stadiums as their air conditioning supplier.
The business specializes in water heater, heat pump, central air conditioner, furnace, and air conditioning duct repair and installation.
Attached to your existing furnace, this system looks (and works, during the summer) like a high-efficiency central air conditioner.
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