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a workplace that serves as a telecommunications facility where lines from telephones can be connected together to permit communication

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The study examines three districts during the 2007-2008 school year throughout their central office transformation: Atlanta (Ga.
The company said it will build more central offices and construct ``broadband gateways,'' the phone line equivalent of extension cords, to extend reach beyond the 3-mile radius limit.
The joint development agreement covers collaboration on the enhancement of Simpler Networks' central office AMDF technology for remote applications, provides for exclusivity for key customer sets and involves an undisclosed investment in Simpler Networks by Lucent.
PETAH TIKVA, Israel -- ECI Telecom (NASDAQ: ECIL) today announced its new family of Hi-FOCuS(TM) MiniShelf(TM) solutions, which brings to any remote location advanced broadband capabilities previously available only in the central office, thus creating the first Virtual Central Office solution.
Co-location of CDCO and CTSX in the Bells' central offices creates a 'Mini-CO' under direct control of the competitive carriers.
In addition, the Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs will be deployed in smaller central offices and remote locations.
The additional central offices will give Covad the ability to reach nearly 50 million homes and businesses in more than 100 of the top MSAs.
Smith said he is proud of the fact that despite the loss of commercial power at several central offices for a period of several days, SBC California's telephone switches continued to process calls, thanks to back-up power sources engineered into the network.
Carriers benefit from FRED's delivery of full-rate 8 Mbps ADSL 82 kft (25 km) from carriers' central offices, allowing them to deliver high-speed Internet and next-generation services to subscribers that currently cannot be serviced due to distance limitations.
Central offices that have remotes with 2,500 subscribers or less are ideally suited for iX700 and iX7000 deployments.
Alcatel (NYSE:ALA) announced today it will provide DSL (digital subscriber line) equipment to BellSouth to complete 100 percent coverage for all of BellSouth's central offices in the State of Mississippi.
Additionally, the expanded ATM multiplexer architecture allows ADTRAN to deliver over 3000 ports of ADSL in two 7-foot racks enabling carriers to cost-efficiently deploy ADSL from central offices.
Alcatel (NYSE:ALA) announced it will provide equipment to BellSouth to enable 100 percent DSL coverage for all of BellSouth's central offices in the state of South Carolina.
The CommWorks IP voice mail system allows a service provider to cost-effectively extend its voice mail service to markets served by small central offices, since the cost of deploying a single media gateway at each location is significantly lower than the cost of a separate legacy voicemail system.
Enabling iBasis to increase network capacity without incurring capital expense by redeploying equipment no longer needed in its central offices
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