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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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Contract award: new central bus station roofing building - plumbing work.
Along with the proposed new central bus station, there will also be a number of strategic transport hubs across the city interlinking travel by train and bus.
As part of the merger of three bus stations north, center and south,Directive 2004/18/EC in one place, at Pforzheim Central Station - as the new Central Bus Station (ZOB), a building roof in steel structure is created.
WE read that BBC Wales is moving from its premises on Llantrisant Road to the site of the central bus station (at this point, may I urge readers to put aside the fact that the sensible place for any bus station is adjacent to a train station).
Contract notice: New central bus station roof structure - metal construction, roof insulation and plumbing work.
PROPOSALS to redevelop Merthyr Tydfil's central bus station "eyesore" have been revealed.
Short description of the contract or purchase: As part of the merger of three bus stations north, center and south to a point at Pforzheim Central Station - as the new Central Bus Station ( ZOB.
Cardiff North's Conservative MP Jonathan Evans yesterday said: "Cardiff Central Bus station is a currently a national disgrace and does nothing for encouraging inward investment into our city or help residents in their every day commute or travels across Cardiff.
Contract award: new central bus station pforzheim-traffic area of new central bus station.
The council had wanted to retain the eight-metre tall structures, which had stood outside City Hall, to create an Olympic-themed park area at the central bus station.
Contract notice for Road construction, station design, line engineering, Central Bus Station (ZOB) with 17 stopping places (special shelves granite pavement in-situ concrete, space and pedestrian areas, concrete slabs 30x60cm (3 patterned color of the surface), in addition paved surfaces, edges made ?
The new express X99 will operate Monday to Saturday between Cardiff Central Bus Station and Barry Island four times a day until August 30.
Contract notice: New central bus station pforzheim-construction of road surface zob.
33, 33A, 33B, 60, 62, 62A, 101 and 102 These services are replaced by the following new services: 15 From the Central Bus Station - Ely - Heath Hospital via Canton, Cowbridge Road West, Amroth Road, Penally Road, Heol Trelai, Cwrt-yr-Ala Road, Sweldon Hill, Green Farm Road, Grand Avenue, Cowbridge Road West then direct via Western Avenue to Heath Hospital.
Even, various other facilities will be developed along the airport, that includes a logistics park, a park-and-ride lot and a bus station in place of the prevailing central bus station in Eilat.
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