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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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London [United Kingdom], Dec 10 ( ANI ): In the latest development in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a security guard has been stabbed near Jerusalem's central bus station.
The illegal taxi operators are functioning openly, they call out the names of the destinations and attract passengers by offering a discount on the regular fare charged by the regular taxis operated by Mowasalat and its franchisees," a regular passenger said at the Central Bus Station.
Crowds of travelers flooded into Jeddah's central bus station at the end of the Eid Al-Fitr holiday.
The central bus station in the capital city Sofia is being plastered with posters reading "protest".
He said: "The new routes will start off trips from various stations within Dubai emirate, and the tenth route will be kicked off from Ibn Battuta Metro Station in Dubai and heads towards Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station and vice versa.
I would also like to thank the helpful staff at the central bus station.
Immediately after the blast a huge force of Israeli police and dozens of ambulances rushed to the scene of the explosion, which occurred near the central bus station at the Western entrance to Jerusalem.
Unidentified individuals opened gunfire from one of houses near the central bus station and exploded a grenade.
6m) contract to build the central bus station in the city of Hatvan, northern Hungary.
Three people have been killed and four others wounded in Yemen after a bomb blast ripped through a minibus at a central bus station in Sanaa, a police official has said.
Electricity is generated by a solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the new Adelaide Central Bus Station.
Tindo' is the word for sun in the indigenous language of the Kaurna people, and the vehicle's power will come from a solar photovoltaic system (PV) installed on the roof of the new Adelaide Central Bus Station.
Measures will include appointing youth workers to disband gangs who loiter in the central bus station and disciplining pubs which serve drunken customers.
This would obviate any need for a central bus station except perhaps for the convenience of the crews.
INTERCITY BUS: The central bus station, Gare Routiere, located at Place Dorciere is the primary departure point for destinations within and outside of Switzerland.
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